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Stutthof (Sztutowo), located 35 km from Gdansk, is one of the most important martyrology places in northern Poland. Here, the day after the beginning of the Second World War, Nazis set up the first concentration camp to exterminate the people of Poland and other nations. First prisoners arrived in Stutthof from Gdansk and Pomerania region.

Around Gdansk - Stutthof - Nazi Camp
Stutthof – concentration camp museum

Those were mainly people arrested in Gdansk: priests, teachers, local politicians and civil servants. In following years, to Stutthof came transports with prisoners from other parts of Poland and abroad. In total, during 5 years of camp’s history, around 110 thousands of people from 28 countries were imprisoned. On 25th January 1945, the camp’s commandant ordered the evacuation of the prisoners to Lebork. This is known as a death march, as many of them never reached the destination. In conclusion, during years 1939-1945 about 65 thousand people died in the camp or during its evacuation.

Stutthof - Nazi German concentration camp
Stutthof – Nazi German concentration camp museum

Polish concentration camps?

Very often in Western European countries media, you may hear or read about Polish concentration camps. This is the term Polish governments protests against every time. Remember, just because concentration camps were set up in Poland, doesn’t mean they were Polish concentration camps. They were constructed by German Nazis and run by German Nazis. This doesn’t mean that we blame all Germans for it, we just want the world to hear about Nazi concentration camps, not Polish concentration camps.

How to get to Stutthof from Gdansk

Gdansk-Stutthof bus (line 870) leaves every hour from Brama Wyzynna bus stop during the peak season. Ticket price is about 10-14 PLN/one way. Outside the peak season hourly buses run on weekdays, but on weekend buses run less frequently, so check the schedule here. You should get off the bus at the bus stop “Stutthof Museum”, which is about 2 km before Sztutowo village. The bus ride takes about 1 hour.

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Stutthof Concentration Camp Museum

The remains of the Stutthof Concentration Camp were turned into a museum in 1962. In the Stutthof museum, you’ll see the remains of the Nazi concentration camp, including the main gate, the barracks, the headquarter and the gas chamber. Stutthof is much smaller than Auschwitz-Birkenau near Cracow but still well reflects the sad and tough part of history.

Please remember to respect the place during your visit.

Practical Information

Stutthof  Concentration Camp Museum opening hours:

1st of May-30th of September8.00 – 18.00
1st of October-30th of April8.00 – 15.00

Last admission 30 minutes before closing time.

Entrance fee

Entrance to Stutthof Museum is free. There is a cinema room where every 30 minutes a short movie is presented. The entrance fee to the cinema room is 3 PLN.

Audioguide in English and German are available for the fee of 15 PLN. Information boards inside the Stutthof museum only in Polish so audio guide is recommended.

Carpark fee

Carpark fee is 7 PLN for 3 hours. Next hour costs 5 PLN


If you plan to visit Stutthof in October-April, make sure to wear warm clothes because it’s mainly an open-air museum. You should reserve about two hours to see the whole museum.

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