Currency Exchange in Gdansk

Finding currency exchange in Gdansk

There are many currency exchanges in Gdansk, so finding one is easy anytime. There are some in the shopping malls, Old Town and of course in the airport. However, there are places where changing money may make your stay in Gdansk very expensive.

What currency should you bring to Gdansk

It doesn’t matter if you bring EUR, USD or GBP to change it. All of them are exchangeable and spread is similar – you can change it into PLN do that in any money exchange. But if you don’t want to change money into PLN, and just pay with cash – it is only possible in EUR. Some big supermarkets, fuel stations and souvenir shops accept EUR – but the rate is significantly worse and you will receive the change in PLN.

Changing money in the street

You should never, absolutely never change money in the street. Actually, it’s very unlikely that you are approached to change money, but if you are, just go away. There are plenty of currency exchanges, and in the most of them the spreads are reasonable. It’s not worth to risk your money for 2 more groszes for one EUR or USD. Changing in the street is risky, avoid it.

Old Polish Zloty

One more reason to avoid changing money in the street is the denomination that took place in Poland in 1995. You might be offered old banknotes that are worth nothing. Be careful also when you buy something in the street and check if the change you get is in proper banknotes.

Currency exchange in Gdansk
Currency exchange in Gdansk

Changing money at the airport

Although it is tempting to get to the city with PLN in your pocket, changing money at the airport in Gdansk (as at most airports in Poland) is a bad idea. The rates may be even 30% worse than in any currency exchange in Gdansk centre, so you’ll get about 3 PLN for one EUR compared to 4 PLN in the city. Believe me, unless you really have to, don’t use airports currency exchange. And if you have to, change as little as possible. You shouldn’t worry about how to get to the city without money – there is a ticket machine that accepts cards, most of the taxis accept cards too. And you can download any taxi app that allows you to pay for the taxi with your card. More on how to get to the city centre.

Some low reputation currency exchanges

Although there is competition between currency exchange in the city, you should still be aware that some of them you tricks to rip you off. Most common is advertising a good rate, but with the small printed “over 1000 EUR”, or advertising only “sell” rate, and buying your currency at the hidden, ridiculously low rate. Always check the National Bank currency rates. Spread around 2-2,5% is quite common and you should be able to change money at this rate. There is no commission on changing money in Poland.

Where to change money

We would not recommend a specific currency exchange in Gdansk. Actually, it’s easier to write where not to change money. Avoid changing money at the airport and in Main/Old Town. Exchanges in the Shopping Centres usually have decent rates, as well as most of those located in Wrzeszcz district.

Use Revolut card

Instead of bringing EUR to Poland, why don’t you consider opening Revolut account? It’s free unless you want to use Premium options, and it offers better rates you can find anywhere in the city. You may pay in almost every currency with almost no spread and withdraw money from every ATM (about 200EUR without commission, then 2%)

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All you need to do is open Revolut account here


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