St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk in 2024

written by Maciek Bogdanski

St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk in 2024

The details about St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk in 2024 have not been announced yet, so we don’t know many details. What we may be sure, is that the event will ll start on the 27th of July and last for 3 weeks until the 18th of August. The city will be crowded as never, so you may now start looking for accommodation in Gdansk during the 763rd St Dominic Fair in Gdansk in 2024!

Brief history of St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk

St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk is one of the biggest commercial open-air events in Europe. It was established in 1260 by Pope Alexander IV, and since then, has been annually organized in the streets of Gdansk – with a short period of a break during and after the Second World War. St Dominic’s Fair is 763 years of tradition mixed with modernity. A unique in its climate, the best Polish craftsmen, creators, and collectors, and original regional and international cuisine. The event attracts tourists from home and abroad to Gdansk every year. The unique atmosphere in a unique historical space, the comfort of shopping, the attractive exhibition stands, the various rest areas, and the rich artistic program is the strongest point of this event.

You will find the detailed program of St. Dominic Fair in Gdansk in the past year at the end of this article, so you might know what to expect this year.

St. Dominic's Fair in Gdansk in 2022 - Dlugi Targ
St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk – Dluga Street gets really crowded

What will you find at St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk?

For the three weeks of St. Dominic’s Fair Gdansk changes completely. The city is very popular during summer, but as the Fair starts, it’s even more crowded than usual.

St Dominic Fair in Gdansk makes the town even more crowded
St Dominic Fair makes Gdansk even more crowded

Most of the streets in the Main Town are closed to cars and are packed with stalls and shops. You will find everything here – clothes, amber jewellery, old German helmets and swords. The latter may be found at the flea market – in Dlugie Ogrody Street. There are many souvenirs to choose from, too.

St. Dominic's Fair in Gdansk - Oldies Market
St Dominic’s Fair – Flea Market in Gdansk

The commercial character of the fair is complemented by cultural, entertainment and music events every day. The most significant take place at the beginning of the Fair and at the end. There are also food stalls and food trucks through the streets (Szeroka Street, Targ Rybny), where you can eat local, Kashubian or Polish and European cuisine.

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There is also an area with seats provided, where you may eat or drink what you have just bought.

Rest area at the St Dominic Fair
Rest area at the St Dominic Fair

Just be careful, as many of the seats are located under the trees and the trees host birds that sometimes drop something from above.

This year the fair has been located in more areas of the city – crossing Motlawa River and reaching Dlugie Ogrody Street. Due to the renovation of Motlava river bank, there will be no stalls there this year.

Below you will find a Map of Gdansk St Dominic Fair:

St Dominic Fair in Gdansk 2023 Map
St Dominic Fair in Gdansk 2023 Map

Gdansk followed Berlin bear’s idea, and you may find Gdansk Fair Roosters around the city. You are not allowed to sit on them, but feel free to take as many pictures as you want.

St Dominic Fair in Gdansk Rooster
St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk Rooster

What should you avoid during St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk?

Most of the city centre is closed for cars, so it’s definitely better to leave your car outside the Main Town. The Main Town is also very noisy those days, with most of the bars open until late at night. So if you want to rest during your stay, you should book your hotel somewhere else.

St. Dominic's Fair in Gdansk - Souvenirs Stalls
St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk – Souvenirs Stalls

Also, St. Dominic’s Fair is not only visited by tourists – the crowd is followed by pickpockets, who try to take advantage of the chaos at the tram stops, as well as the crowd gathering to see some unusual attractions – gambling being one of them.

Main Events during St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk in 2023

Opening ceremony and parade

22.07 / Saturday / 12.00 pm / Artus Court forecourt, city streets

Traditionally, the ceremonial opening of St Dominic’s Fair and the handing over of the key to the gates of the city by the Mayor of Gdańsk will take place at noon on the forecourt of Artus Court. The ceremony will be followed by a parade through the streets of the city. Once again, visitors to the Fair will be able to meet colourful characters performing genre scenes and showing off their craftsmanship: the Golden Hermes (patron saint of merchants), the Crimson Rooster (symbol of the Fair), allegorical figures, jesters, jugglers, jugglers and re-enactment groups: Garrison Gdańsk, the Kaperska Kompania, the Patricians.

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Closing ceremony

13.08 / Sunday / 4.00 pm / forecourt of the Artus Court

The key to the city gates will return to the hands of the City Mayor, and the Fair’s bugle will be played for the last time this year.

There will be 4 areas in Gdansk during the Fair, where events will take place:

Olowianka Sail Stop

Location: Olowianka Island

Time to relax! During the week, this is where you catch your breath after an eventful day, with regular concerts, cloud cinema screenings and DJ sets. Weekends, on the other hand, are marked by all-day themed events in the form of festivals.

Cyclical events / Evening Cultural Zone.

Nieoczywiste Wtorki 25.07, 01, 08.08 / godz. 19.30 / Scena

  • 25.07. Sounds of Nature. TAM I TU
    Tomasz Ziętek – trumpet, electronics, Aleksandra Szymczewska – piano, Choir of the Tadeusz Tylewski Medical University of Gdańsk, Błażej Połom – conductor
  • 01.08. Sounds of the city. URBIS SONOS
    Monika Kaźmierczak – carillon, Paweł Hulisz, Emil Miszk, Justin Bland, Fruzsina Hara – natural trumpets, Paweł Szewczyk – timpani
  • 08.08. Sounds of Art / Hinode Tapes
    Organiser: CCA Laznia.

Jazz Wednesdays on the Island / 26.07, 02, 09.08 / 7.30 p.m. / Stage

  • 26.07. Malina Midera Quartet
    Malina Midera – piano; Szymon Kowalik – tenor saxophone; Alan Kapołka – drums; Szymon Zalewski – double bass
  • Marcel Balinski Trio
    Marcel Balinski – piano, keyboards; Franciszek Pospieszalski – double bass; Krzysztof Szmańda – drums
  • 02.08. Sneaky Jesus
    Maciej Forreiter – gitara; Matylda Gerber – saksofon; Beniamin Łasiewicki – gitara basowa; Filip Baczyński – perkusja
  • Alpaka Orkiestra
    Emil Miszk – trąbka; Tomek Sadecki – gitara basowa; Sławek Koryzno – perkusja
  • 09.08. O.N.E.
    Monika Muc – saksofon; Kateryna Ziabliuk – piano; Kamila Drabek – kontrabas; Patrycja Wybrańczyk – perkusja
  • 02.08. Sneaky Jesus
    Maciej Forreiter – guitar; Matylda Gerber – saxophone; Beniamin Łasiewicki – bass guitar; Filip Baczyński – drums.
  • Alpaka Orkiestra
    Emil Miszk – trumpet; Tomek Sadecki – bass guitar; Slawek Koryzno – drums
  • 09.08. O.N.E.
    Monika Muc – saxophone; Kateryna Ziabliuk – piano; Kamila Drabek – double bass; Patrycja Wybrańczyk – percussion
  • Ziemowit Klimek
    Ziemowit Klimek – Moog, elektronika
FETA 2023 - Street and open-air theatres festival in Gdansk
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Organiser: Nowe iść od morza / Project co-financed by the City of Gdańsk.Organiser: Nowe iść od morza / Project co-financed by the City of Gdańsk.

Film Thursdays / 27.07, 03,10.08 / 9.30 pm

  • 27.07. The Worst Man in the World
    directed by Joachim Trier / Denmark/Norway, 2021
  • 03.08. Italian holiday
    directed by James D’Arcy / Italy/UK, 2020
  • 10.08. Gambler
    directed by. Paul Schrader / USA, 2021

Organiser: Nowa Strefa Kultury Foundation / Project co-funded by the City of GdanskOrganiser: Nowa Strefa Kultury Foundation / Project co-funded by the City of Gdansk

Fridays with DJs – Summer Chill Out 28.07, 11.08 / 18.00-22.00 / Stage

  • 28.07. BeeT Live, Seb i Gosia
  • 11.08. Parabellum, Korea

Weekend events

23.07 / Sunday

XXVIII Bread Festival

Organisers: Association of Bakers and Confectioners of the Republic of Poland, Guild of Bakers and Confectioners of Gdansk / event funded by the Cereals and Cereal Products Promotion Fund

29 – 30.07 / Saturday – Sunday

Pomeranian Crafts Festival

Organised by: Pomeranian Chamber of Crafts of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

04.08 / Friday

Kociewie Festival

Organiser: Poviat of Starogard, Poviat of Świecie, Poviat of Tczew, Local Tourist Organisation KOCIEWIE.

12.08 / Saturday

Beef feast at Neptune’s

Christmas Market in Gdansk in 2023
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Organised by: Association of Polish Butchers and Cured Meat Producers, event funded by the Beef Promotion Fund


Gdansk Bowke’s hut
An animatronic figure modelled on a traditional Gdansk historical figure.

Adventure Stop

Location: Fish Market, Podwale Staromiejskie Street

A place dedicated to the youngest. There is no boredom here! Worth a visit every day.


Fun zone

For those who don’t like to be bored!
Thematic animation each day with different fairytale characters, team-building games, competitions, bubble show.

Sports zone

For those who can’t sit still!
Sports and fitness activities, including badminton workshops with Polish representatives, a 3×3 basketball court – classes with coaches, kids runmagedon track, fencing classes, Nerf zone, fit yard, dance workshops.

Workshop area

For those who like to create!
A wide range of workshops including art, environmental, creative, educational, beekeeping with robotics, quilling.

Cultural zone

For those who like the arts!
Spectacles, shows, theatre plays (Miniatura Theatre, Qfer Theatre), mini-concerts and dance performances.

Amber Sky permanent attractions area

Permanent installations:
Puzzle maze, sensory cubicle, string art lettering creation, treasure hunter, VR simulator house, relaxation zone.

Special Events

  • 28.07-06.08 / 25th anniversary edition of the BAJKOWISKO festival
  • 09.08 / Dominik 3X3 Cup
    Basketball tournament, meeting with the coach and players of the Polish national team

The Cuisine Stop

Location: Swietopelka Square

This is a traditional fair venue for families. Here, amidst the greenery, time passes a little more slowly. This is the place to present the fair’s partners, cities, regions, tourist organisations, charities and the organisation of events and culinary demonstrations.

Special Events

  • 05.08 / Cicha Polana Smaków
    Live cooking combined with a charity event.
    Special guests: Andrzej Polan, popular chef, restaurateur, author of books and cooking programmes (Canal Kitchen+, Dzień dobry TVN), Sebastian Cichy, Pomeranian chef, restaurateur, organiser of cooking competitions.
  • 05.08 / Central Franconia Invites
    Presentation of the region, games, tastings, artistic performances.
  • 05.08 / Museum of Central Pomerania
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Mirror Cube – Infinity SpacesMultimedia mirrored spaces inspired by the world’s popular art realization, the Infinity Room.

Equality stop

Location: Hevelius Square, Paradise Street.Location: Hevelius Square, Paradise Street.

Here we want to talk about things such as tolerance, openness, freedom, blurring generational differences and bringing people together cross-culturally. To talk about important things, but in a light-hearted formula of a summer, holiday atmosphere. A place to organise concerts, workshops for ambient events, to create installations together. During the week we entertain and integrate. It’s diverse here – operetta intertwines with karaoke and DJ sets, workshops for children with activities for seniors. At the weekends we continue to have fun, but we also get to know each other and learn: tolerance and attentiveness to others, among other things.

Cyclical events

Concerts under the Stars / 25.07, 01, 08.08 / 19.00 / Stage

  • 25.07. Master Creations
    Julia Ivashkevich – soprano, Vitaly Wydra – tenor, Emilia Grazhinskaya – piano / including works by G.Verdi, G.Rossini
  • 01.08. Colour in Music
    Danish Accordion Quartet / Maciej Kacprzak, Paweł Ratajek, Paweł Wiśniewski, Wojciech Ulanowski, Kamil Pękala – baritone, Aleksandra Bieg – Piaseczna – piano / hits of the great classics m.J.S.Bach, L.Boellmann, A.Piazzolla, A.Khachaturian, G Bizet, among others
  • 08.08. The Great Day of the Tenors and … a surprise!
    Marek Górski, Marcin Pomykała, Łukasz Wroński, Witalij Wydra, Emilia Grażyńska – piano, Barbara Żurowska – Sutt – concert planning and conducting

Jarmarkowe Karaoke / 26.07, 02, 09.08 / godz. 17.00-20.00 / Scena

Music connects! Sing with us!

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Senior Zone – Green Lounge / 24.07-11.08

Co-organised with the First Council of Seniors in Gdańsk, in partnership with organisations activating senior citizens. Classical music concerts, dancing with DJ Vika, joint activities: knitting, gymnastics, board games, bingo, workshops – including origami, scarf tying, painting, telephone handling. NFZ tent (measurement of blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, breast and testicular self-examination instructions).

Health Zone – Let’s take care of ourselves and others! / 24.07-11.08

NFZ tent / 22.07-13.08

Prevention and health promotion, European Health Insurance Card
Organiser: Pomeranian Voivodeship Branch of the NFZ.

Mammobus / 22-23.07 , 12.08

Mammography examinations within the framework of the breast cancer prevention programme
Organiser: Pomeranian Voivodeship Branch of the NFZ..

DKMS Foundation / 22-23.07

Can you help? Because you can. It’s in your genes! Register as a potential bone marrow donor!

Puck Hospice of Padre Pio / 23.07-06.08

Weekend events

28.07 / Friday

Social Economy Celebration

Organiser: Regional Centre for Social Policy.

29.07 / Saturday

Equality Day

Main Partner: City of Gdansk
Partners: Gdansk Senior Citizens Council, Youth City Council

05.08 / Saturday

Celebration of Volunteering

Organiser: Regional Volunteer Centre in Gdańsk, Hospice Foundation.

06.08 / Sunday

Celebration of Volunteering

Organiser: Archdiocese of Gdansk, St Mary’s Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gdansk, Caritas.

12-13.08 / Saturday-Sunday

Vilnius Festival in Gdansk

Organised by: City of Gdansk, City of Vilnius


Become an Amber Catcher!

Come and play, show your perceptiveness and patience. Fish out lumps of amber, weigh them in the house of the National Amber Chamber of Commerce and receive an Amber Catcher’s Certificate. If you want to learn more about amber – visit the Amber Museum in the Great Mill, the Amber Catcher’s Certificate entitles you to receive a free admission ticket!

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