Public transport in Gdansk - tram

Public transport in Gdansk and Tricity

Public transport in Gdansk is a convenient way to explore the city. The fares are acceptable, and if there are no traffic jams caused by some roadworks, accidents or extreme weather, it’s pretty punctual. All the buses and most of the trams are modern, with air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter.

Coronavirus in Poland is not that dangerous so far

Coronavirus in Gdansk

This is the last topic I wanted to write about, but as the situation in Europe is getting serious. I, therefore, try to keep you updated about the coronavirus situation in Poland and particularly in Gdansk. Sanitary officials give the daily news about it, but it’s only in Polish, so I hope this article will help you to get information about coronavirus in Poland, and what to do if you suspect that you are ill.


Gdansk Airport to city centre by bus, train and taxi

Gdansk Airport (Lech Walesa Airport) is easy accessible from city centre, as well as from Sopot and Gdynia. Getting to and from Gdansk Airport is easy and cheap both ways – you can get to all those places very easy and quite cheap if you decide to use public transport.

The good and bad things about living in Gdansk

Gdansk is one of the biggest and most interesting cities in Poland. It combines both the historical background and the modernity of western European standards.
We will try to give you some hints on what to expect if you want to move here, to live and work in Gdansk

Free Revolut Card

Revolut card

If you travel a lot and the first thing you need to do in a new country is to look for an exchange office, you should consider getting a Revolut Card.
We travel, too, and I have to say that it completely changed the way we deal with money abroad, but also when we shop online.

Gdynia - Ship deck shaped building

Best things to do in Gdynia

If you stay in Gdansk for a longer time, it’s worth visiting Gdynia. Although the city has a very short history – which can’t compare to Gdansk, its modern architecture and seaside make it a great destination for a one-day trip.

Camper in Gdansk

Places for campers in Gdansk

Have you come to Gdansk with a camper car? This is a relatively new form of travelling in Poland and there are not a lot of places prepared for campers. However, there are at least four places where you may come with your camper car in Gdansk.