Moving sand dunes in Leba

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Leba sand dunes – the only moving sand dunes in Poland

If you come to Gdansk during your trip to Poland, sand dunes in Leba, located about 100 kilometres from Gdansk towards the north, are definitely worth visiting. This is a sandy area close to the sea, that moves with the wind, with an average speed of several metres per year. So although dunes will not move in front of your eyes, if you look closely, you will see how the grains of sand are captured by the wind and moved – this is how the process goes on. Going to Leba is a good idea if you have a spare weekend, or plan to go towards Szczecin on your trip to Poland.

If the weather is fine, it’s worth staying at the beach. This is an open sea here, while in Gdansk, which is protected by Hel peninsula. This means you may expect a bit colder water and stronger waves.

There is also an official naturist beach about 500 meters west of Turystyczna Street. It is marked with a “Beach for naturists” sign.

Leba sand dunes, Poland
Leba sand dunes, Poland

How to get to sand dunes in Leba from Gdansk

Getting from Gdansk to Leba by train

There are only two direct trains a day from Gdansk to Leba on the weekend, and only one on working days.  The journey lasts about 3 hours, and the ticket costs about 30 PLN. The train station in Leba is in the city centre, about 1,5 km from the beach, and about 2,5 kilometres from the entrance to Slowinski National Park.

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Getting from Gdansk to Leba by bus

There are several buses in the morning departing from Gdansk Main Bus Station. Most of the buses need about 3,5 hours to get to Leba, and cost about 30-35 PLN. The bus stops in Leba just next to the train station.

Getting from Gdansk to Leba by car

This is the most convenient way to get to Leba, as it shouldn’t take more than 2 hours, and you are not dependent on bus/train schedule and are able to go there and back in one day. So it is worth considering renting a car or looking for Blablacar ride to Leba. If you go to Leba with a car, bear in mind that most parking places in Leba need to be paid for, and those closest to the dunes (but still a few kilometres away) are expensive.

City parking slots cost 2,1 PLN/ 1st half hour, 4,2 PLN/ 1st hour, 5PLN/2nd hour, 6PLN/3rd hour, 4,2 PLN every next hour or 30 PLN/whole day. You may pay with cash or Mobilet App. You need to pay Monday to Friday 8am to 8 pm.

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There are also private parking slots, where you need to pay anytime, so always make sure at the parking meter if you need to pay and how much.

How to get to the dunes from Leba

To get there, first you need to get to Rabka. It is about 3 kilometres east of the centre of Leba. You can either walk or take an electric bus that will take you there (about 5 PLN). If you go to Rabka with your car, be prepared to pay 6 PLN/hour for the parking.

From here you may:

Walk along the nice path in the forest

After buying the entrance ticket to Slowinski National Park (6 PLN), follow the path in the forest (separated from the bike and electric buses route). After about 3,5 kilometres you will approach the museum of Rockets (entrance fee 7 PLN). Then the path gets dusty and joins electric buses path. After another 1,5 kilometres, you enter the dunes and see the way to the beach. From here, you may walk up Lacka dune – the largest dune in this area – or go to the beach.

Leba - sandy path to the beach
Leba – the sandy path to the beach

Rent a bike

With a bike, it is much faster to get to the end of the path, and there is a stand at the end to put your bike. The road may be a bit dusty, but the bike goes fine even with regular tyres.

Caste near Gdansk - Malbork Castle
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Take an electric bus

You may take a ride to the dunes (15 PLN one way) or to the Rocket Museum (9 PLN one way)

Take a boat trip

You may take a boat trip to the Rocket Museum (14 PLN one way) and then walk or take an electric bus (6 PLN one way)

Leba beach
Leba beach

What to see in Leba except for the moving sand dunes

Leba is a small town, so there’s not a lot to see there except for dunes. However, the proximity to the sea and beach makes it a popular holiday destination in Poland during summer. If you have some time, you may go to:

Dinosaurus Park (65 PLN)

Labirynt Park (25 PLN)

Amber Museum (15 PLN)

Places to eat in Leba

During summer there are a lot of bars and restaurants open in Leba, but the one we recommend is Bar Ambrozja. It is a large bar in the centre of Leba, that serves a large variety of dishes at a reasonable price (daily set including soup and main dish costs about 20 PLN). It is always crowded, but big enough to find a free table for you.

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