Best time to visit Gdansk

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Best time to visit Gdansk

Are you planning your trip and wondering when is the best time to visit Gdansk? Weather in Gdansk is rather recurrent and there are not a lot of anomalies – except for the feeling it’s getting warmer and warmer every year. But before we write about Gdansk weather, let’s start by checking when is the best time to visit Gdansk to participate in events that we have here.

Events in Gdansk

Those are the events that attract tourist to come to Gdansk regardless of the weather:

Open’er Festival in Gdynia – June/July

Mystic Festival – July

St. Dominic Fair – August

1-3 May – there is actually no recurring event then, but the 1st and 3rd of May are public holidays in Poland

Christmas Market – December

During those events expect Gdansk to be crowded.

Best time to visit Gdansk – typical Gdansk weather

Gdansk is situated by the Baltic Sea which makes the climate a bit milder. During winter it can be above zero and during summer it’s colder than in the south of Poland. Also, windy days are quite common.

Gdansk on a rainy day
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Here are the average temperatures in Gdansk:

Min (°C)-3-3-1371113131062-2
Max (°C)1261016192321171263

Let’s check when to visit Gdansk to take advantage of the weather.

When to visit Gdansk? – Spring

If we consider meteorological seasons, spring lasts 3 months: March, April, and May. In March temperatures can be below zero, days are still short and there’s not so much sun. The weather in Gdansk in April is unstable and can alternate between sun and snow. As the Polish proverb says: “April the weaver – interweaves a little bit of winter with a little bit of summer.”. In May plants and trees start to green and the day becomes longer. Days are warmer and warmer, and sometimes very sunny. Although spring is not the best time to visit Gdansk, especially March and April, late May is the month when the tourist season starts.

Best time to visit Gdansk - Spring in Gdansk Oliwa
Best time to visit Gdansk – Spring in Gdansk Oliwa Park

Best time to visit Gdansk – Summer

If you don’t like crowds June is perfect to visit Gdansk. It’s warm, days are the longest and the probability of the rain is low. The temperature of the water in the sea is still low so it’s hard to swim but cold-resistant people might give it a try. July and August is a high season. It’s crowded and many hotels are booked in advance. Also, many Polish people choose Gdansk as a holiday destination. In summer it is warm and you can enjoy the sea with the temperature of the water around 18-19°C. Remember that July is the rainiest month of the year, so August seems to be a better choice. Last week of July and two first weeks of August in the city center St. Dominic’s Fair takes place  – one of the biggest fairs in Europe. Many events take place and the streets are very crowded. It might be difficult for sightseeing but you can enjoy the event.

Gdansk in June -Beach
Gdansk in June – Brzezno Beach almost empty before high season

Weather in Gdansk in Autumn

Gdansk in September is a good choice – it’s no longer crowded and the weather is quite good for sightseeing. You can feel that autumn is coming but it’s not so cold yet. It’s the last chance to visit Gdansk in quite good weather because Gdansk in October gets dark and dull. It’s when the real autumn in Gdansk starts. There’s always a period with beautiful, colorful forests before the trees shed their leaves but generally, it’s raining a lot and everything looks grey and sad. In November days are very short – at 4 pm it’s already dark. Definitely avoid visiting Gdansk in this period, as the weather in Gdansk is horrible and unpredictable then. However, if you come during autumn and it will be raining, check our recommendation for activities during the bad weatherGdansk on a rainy day.

When to come to Gdansk? – Winter

In winter temperatures drop below zero with a lot of snow, but it’s not a rule. And does it snow in Gdansk on Christmas? Well, lately, we don’t have snow in December, but it tends to snow in January and February. If there’s a real winter, Gdansk looks beautiful but it’s cold. It’s difficult to stay outside, so it’s better to visit museums and restaurants. Sports fans may try skiing and ice-skating- check our article on winter in Gdansk.

Gdansk in winter
Gdansk in winter – Baltic Bay

Of course, you can never be sure about the weather in Gdansk. Especially lately, the weather is less and less predictable. For example, April and May 2018 it was extremely hot (about 25°C) while in southern Europe it was about 20°C. In May 2017 the snow fell down and temperatures were below zero. So be prepared for everything, bring appropriate clothes and a positive attitude 🙂

Enjoy Gdansk! 

Gdansk on a rainy day
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