Revolut card

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Save your time and money with Revolut card

If you travel a lot and the first thing you need to do in a new country is to look for an exchange office, you should consider getting a Revolut Card.
We travel, too, and I have to say that it completely changed the way we deal with money abroad, but also when we shop online.

Revolut card features – the standard plan

What is so special about Revolut? First of all, its standard plan, which is the one we use, is for free. But it offers everything we need abroad:

  •  exchanging money in 30 currencies at the interbank exchange rate
  •  paying in over 150 currencies at the interbank exchange rate
  •  free ATM withdrawal up to about 200 EUR per 30 days
  •  free international transfers
  •  virtual card for safe online payments
  •  it may be charged with a bank card or Google Pay at any time
  •  it’s free, and it may be sent to you right away if you register with this link.

We don’t need to go to the exchange office to buy Euros in Poland only to look for an exchange office in Prague to change it into Czech Koronas, leaving the commission in both. We simply exchange PLN to CZK in the App, doing it at the interbank rate, or just pay with the card, and Revolut simply changes the currency on the go. It saves us time and a lot of money, especially when we don’t need to use the airport exchange office.

Free Revolut Card
Free Revolut Card

Revolut card features – Premium and Metal plans

There are two more plans: Premium and Metal, but they cost about 7,99 EUR or 13,99 EUR per month respectively.
The Premium plan offers a withdrawal limit of up to about 400 EUR, insurance, cryptocurrencies or Airport Lounge Pass (for a fee), while the Metal plan has an additional withdrawal limit of up to about 800 EUR and 1% cashback (0,1% in Europe).
Premium and Metal features are a nice supplement, but for us, the free Standard option is more than fine.

Registering with Revolut

If you want to try Revolut card and App, use this link to register. You will receive your card before your next travel.

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