New Year’s Eve in Gdansk

New Year’s Eve in Gdansk

Not as spectacular as in Sydney and not as hot as in Rio de Janeiro, but still – if you happen to be in Gdansk on the New Year’s Eve, it is worth to check what to do on that special night. This year’s celebration of New Year’s Eve in Gdansk will be a bit different from the previous years. First of all, there will be no spectacular fireworks, as Gdansk authorities decided on laser lights instead. This is to ease the animals, that are frightened by the noise they can’t understand. The other difference is moving some events out of the Main Town. Thus, the celebration will take place in four districts. All events below are free!

All venues will be connected with a special bus line, and after the party is finished, additional buses will be provided to ensure people can go home easily and safely.

New Year's Eve in Gdansk
New Year’s Eve in Gdansk

New Year’s Eve celebration in the centre of Gdansk (Targ Węglowy)

This will be the main event. It’ll start at 21.30 with electronic music. Then, at 22.50, Polish folk-rock band Brathanki will take over the scene until close to midnight. At midnight the Carillon sounds will announce New Year and just after that, the laser show will start. During the whole event, the Food Court will work to serve food and drinks.

New Year’s Eve celebration in Chelm district (Jar Wilanowski)

Jar WIlanowski is a leisure square, that has been recently extended and renewed. It may be reached by tram trip from Gdansk city Centre, followed by short (6 min) walk from Wilanowska tram stop. Funk rock band Route 11 will start its concert at 21.30 and will be followed by Łąki Łan band at 22.40.

FETA - International street and open-air theatres festival in Gdansk
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New Year’s Eve celebration in Brzeźno district (wooden pier)

At 22.30 one of the best Polish DJs will start his performance here – C-Bool. Prepare for cold wind blowing from the sea here and wear warm clothes.

New Year’s Eve celebration in Orunia district (Orunia Park)

Gdansk based band Czerwone Gitary will give a concert here, starting at 22.30. This is a once very famous big beat band, so you may expect here some Beatles-like sounds.


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