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New Year’s Eve in Gdansk

by Maciek

New Year’s Eve in Gdansk in 2020

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus there will be no public events during New Year’s Eve. No concerts, no fireworks, no laser lights. From 28th of December there will be special restrictions that will last until 17th of January. All hotels will be closed and you can only meet at your friends house, if there are no more than 5 people there (excluding the host).

Unfortunately, very strict restriction apply to the 31st of December. There will be a curfew from 7 pm on 31st of December until 6 am on 1st of January. That means you cannot leave home unless you are going for a walk with your dog, to the doctor or pharmacy. House parties may be organized for max 5 people excluding host.

To sum it up – don’t expect this New Year’s Eve in Gdansk to be spectacular. But if you planned to come to Gdansk this year, check below what was organised on New Year’s Eve in Gdansk in 2020

New Year’s Eve in Gdansk in 2019

Contrary to last year, there will be no bus connecting all the stages. But there will be a special tram line (N0) that will run every 20 minutes. This might help you move between concerts. Also, after midnight, additional trams and buses will run to help you get home after concerts.

New Year's Eve in Gdansk
New Year’s Eve in Gdansk

New Year’s Eve celebration in the centre of Gdansk (Dlugie Ogrody Street)

This will be the main event. Polish folk-rock band Zakopower will be the headliner, and at midnight the Carillon sounds will announce New Year.

Concert in Chelm district (Jar Wilanowski)

Jar Wilanowski is a leisure square, that has been recently extended and renewed. It may be reached by tram trip from Gdansk city Centre, followed by short (6 min) walk from Wilanowska tram stop. Rock band Happysad will start its concert at 10.30pm.

FETA - International street and open-air theatres festival in Gdansk
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New Year’s Eve celebration in Brzezno district (wooden pier)

At 10.30pm Polish DJ Duet Kalwi & Remi DJs will start his performance here. Prepare for the cold wind blowing from the sea here and wear warm clothes.

New Year’s Eve celebration in Orunia district (Orunia Park)

Polish band Vox, who celebrated it’s 40th anniversary this year will give a concert here, starting at 22.30. You may expect here some mixed jazz/pop/gospel sounds.

Concert in Oliwa district (Olivia Hall)

This will be the loudest place during the New Year’s Even in Gdansk celebration, as Nocny Kochanek will the headliner here. It’s a Polish heavy metal band. The concert starts at 10.30pm

New year’s eve celebration for children

There is also an event for children during New Year’s Eve celebration in Gdansk. At 5.30 pm Roksana Wegiel will start her concert in Targ Weglowy, at the Christmas Fair.

Other events on the New year’s Eve

If you are not into outdoor events on cold, December night, there are lots of events prepared by hotels, bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, most events are only described in Polish. How to find an event for yourself? Check the event list here or here or try to google for “Sylwester w Gdansku” to find the one that best suits your mood.

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