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New Year’s Eve in Gdansk in 2021

by Maciek

New Year’s Eve in Gdansk in 2021

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, probably there will be no huge public celebration in the city centre during New Year’s Eve in Gdansk in 2021. There will be small events in three districts of Gdansk instead. But this is much better than last year when strict restrictions were introduced and we couldn’t even leave our homes. This time, unless we reach a huge increase in coronavirus cases, the restrictions won’t be that strict.

According to current restrictions, all clubs and discos should be closed until the 31st of January 2022. However, the government has announced, that the restrictions will be loosened on New Year’s Eve, and clubs will be allowed to host events in a sanitary regime (special additional limits for vaccinated guests). Clubs are already promoting their events, you may look at https://sylwester.trojmiasto.pl/ for events that you like best.

Getting to official celebration of New Year’s Eve with public transport

You don’t need to worry about how to get to the New Year’s Eve celebration venue, as there will be special buses and trams running through the city. N0 tram from Lostowice Swietokrzyska will leave every 20 minutes between 11 pm and 4 am. Most night buses running close to the venues will run every 30 minutes instead of every hour.

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The official celebration of New Year’s eve in Gdansk

As we wrote before, there will be no huge official celebration in the city centre. Before Covid, we had concerts and fireworks (which later were replaced with laser shows) somewhere in the city centre. in 2021, smaller events will take place in three places: Park Orunski, Jar Wilanowski and Brzezno Beach. The entrance to all those events is free.

New year’s Eve celebration in Jar Wilanowski

Jar Wilanowski is a leisure square in a residential area of Gdansk. It has been recently extended and renewed, and it is the main recreation area in the neighbourhood. It may be reached by tram trip from Gdansk city Centre (trams number 2, 4, 6, 7 going in direction “Lostowice Swietokrzyska”), followed by a short (6 min) walk from Wilanowska tram stop.

The celebration here will start at 10 pm with music played by DJ Bezksywy. He is a young DJ from Gdansk, who won the DJ Championship in Poland in 2013. Later, the stage will be taken over by Margaret – a Polish vocalist who had some hits here in Poland, the most famous being “Thank you very much”.

FETA - International street and open-air theatres festival in Gdansk
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New year’s eve in Gdansk Brzezno Beach.

Another area of the New Year’s Eve celebration in Gdansk is Gdansk Brzezno beach. The celebration here will include mainly dance music, but before that, at 10 pm Ada Schulz will start the concert. She was a participant in X-Factor talent show in Poland in 2011, but never became very famous in Poland.

The celebration will end with music played by DJ Adamus

Be prepared for the cold wind blowing from the sea here and wear warm clothes.

New Year’s Eve celebration in Gdansk – Park Orunski

Park Orunski is a picturesque park that is located in the Orunia district, about 15 minutes from the city centre. It is a popular place for newlyweds to take some souvenir pictures. In winter there is some illumination there, but as it’ll be dark it’s unlikely you’ll have the opportunity to see the full beauty of the park.

This will be a strictly Rock event, with the only star being the Golden Life band. They started their career 35 years ago in Gdansk, and with this concert, they will start their anniversary tour. Golden Life was a popular band around 20 years ago, but unfortunately, they became very famous after the fire that broke out after their concert in Gdansk in 1994. 7 people died and about 300 were injured.

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To get to Park Orunski, it’ best to take any bus going towards Pruszcz Gdanski (207, 189, 132, 200) and leave at the bus stop “Goscinna”. The bus trip should take about 15 minutes. Then go up to the riverbank, and you’ll see the Park in front of you. You need to go a bit further to get to the stage,

New Year's Eve in Gdansk
New Year’s Eve in Gdansk

Other events on the New year’s Eve

If you are not into outdoor events on cold, December nights, there are lots of events prepared by hotels, bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, most events are only described in Polish. How to find an event for yourself? Check the event list here or here or try to google for “Sylwester w Gdansku” to find the one that best suits your mood.

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