Can you drink tap water in Gdansk?

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Is tap water safe in Gdansk? Well, according to recent surveys, 90% of Gdansk inhabitants rate the quality of tap water in Gdansk as good. Are you still afraid of drinking tap water in Gdansk? 50% of inhabitants admit they drink water without boiling, and only 25% prefer to buy bottled water. But this is more the custom than fear about the water quality. This might have been an issue about 20 years ago, but is not any more. The water quality in Gdansk and its parameters differ depending on the district, as water provided in various districts comes from various sources. 75% is sourced from the deep drills, and the rest from the lakes in Pregowo and Straszyn In general, the water in Gdansk is clean and safe to drink. Personally, I drink it straight from the tap, although I used to buy bottled water.

Quality of Gdansk tap water

Water in Gdansk is analysed regularly by Gdanskie Wodociagi – a company that delivers water to our homes. Their laboratory is accredited by the Polish Accreditation Centre. The results are published on Gdansk official website. You may need to check the results if you want to do washing, as washing machines need to be set up according to the hardness of the water.

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The water quality is double-checked by the local, external Sanitary Inspector – independent of Gdanskie Wodociagi. Tap water in Gdansk complies with ISO norms: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

About twenty years ago, we needed to boil the water before drinking, and still, some tend to do so. But the fact is, drinking water in Gdansk is safe even without boiling or filtering, and we are encouraged to drink water straight from the tap instead of buying bottled mineral water. You should be aware, that some bottled water comes from the same source as tap water.

Drinking tap water in Gdansk
Drinking tap water in Gdansk is safe and eco-friendly

Water springs in Gdansk

There are several street water springs in Gdansk. They are different in shape depending on the location. Some of them (including the one at the airport) require you to have a glass or bottle (it’s impossible to drink directly from the spring).

Can you drink tap water in Gdansk? Yes, it is safe!
Street water spring in Gdansk

Here you’ll find locations of drinking water springs in Gdansk on the map. Note that they are turned off during winter.

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