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As every large European city, Gdansk has a wide variety of food to offer. If you have a lot of money to spend, there are plenty of high-end restaurants you may visit. If you are on a tight budget, still you can find places with lots of dishes to choose from. So, if you are wondering what best places to eat in Gdansk are, below you will find the answer.

Fast Food in Gdansk

You didn’t come to Gdansk to eat at McDonalds or KFC, did you? You can find both in the city centre, but without a doubt it’s kebab that is the most popular fast food in Gdansk. But don’t expect it to be similar to those that you might have tried in Turkey or any Arabic countries. What you get here is usually a bread roll with a meat (usually chicken, sometimes lamb), salad and lots of sauce inside. You will kebab bars almost everywhere, but most popular are those in Szeroka, Rajska, Kolodziejska and Targ Drzewny street. Kebab usually costs 15-20PLN.

If you want to try something different – “Zapiekanka” was the queen of Polish fast food before we were invaded by kebabs and burgers. Malta Food (Targ Drzewny Street) offers a great variety of “Zapiekankas”. There are also lots of foodtrucks in the city, but they rarely stand in the city centre.

Cheap restaurants in Gdansk – Milk bars

Where to eat in Gdansk if you are on a tight budget? Milk bars are communism relict, though they still work quite well. The government used to subsidy food here, but now they usually work as regular bistros. The price is still an advantage here, as well as the variety of dishes offered. There are no waiters, no menu and no alcohol here. Prices are usually listed on the wall (don’t expect to see any English here), and you can see the food before it is served. You will get some dishes as you order them, for some of them you need to wait, usually no more than 5-10 minutes. But don’t expect that someone will bring it to your table – you need to listen for the ladies shouting that your food is ready. Milk bars serve traditional Polish cuisine: soups, pancakes, dumplings, meatballs etc. It is unlikely that you’ll pay more than 20-25 PLN here. The best recommendation is the queue in front of the bars, but don’t worry – everything goes really fast.

Souvenirs from Gdansk
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Where to eat in Gdansk - Bar Turystyczny - Milk Bar - Gdansk
Bar Turystyczny – Milk Bar – Gdansk

There are two milk bars in the city centre: Bar Neptun is located in Dluga Street, while Bar Turystyczny is located at Weglarska/Szeroka corner. One more bar like this (though not exactly a milk bar) is Bar Familijny Kos in Tkacka Street.

Where to eat in Gdansk - Bar Familijny - Gdansk
Bar Familijny – Gdansk

Mid-range restaurants

Among dozens of mid-range restaurants in Gdansk we can recommend at least three. Pyrabar (Garbary Street) has its roots in Poznan, where people cal potatoes “pyry”. Pyrabar offers a good choice of dishes with potatoes as base vegetables. But that doesn’t mean, that their menu is boring – just the contrary, though to appreciate it completely you need to speak Polish – the translated menu doesn’t reflect the ideas. Main courses cost up to 20 PLN (soups about 6 PLN), and their size is more than enough to fill your stomach.

Jadalnia pod Zielonym Smokiem (Pańska Street) is easy to miss, as to enter you need to follow the stairs down to the cellar. It offers a good choice of mixed Polish/International food for reasonable prices (soups – 6-11 PLN, main courses 15-25 PLN). You may need to wait for the table in peak hours.

Another restaurant – Mandu – is located opposite to main railroad station in Gdansk – at Elzbietanska Street. It offers a great variety of dumplings – typical to Poland, but also for international cuisine. Although Polish dumplings are very tasty, I was disappointed with Georgian Chinkali – they didn’t look nor taste as those in Georgia. There is another Mandu restaurant in Oliwa (Kaprow Street). In both location, it is likely that you will need to wait for the table.

Stopover in Gdansk
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High-end restaurants

There are so many high-end restaurants, that it is hard to recommend any in particular. But as Gdansk is situated by the sea, and close to Kaszuby region – rich in lakes and rivers –  we would opt for restaurants that offer fresh fish. Those would be both Tawernas (Powroznicza and Targ Rybny), Zafishowani Restaurant (Dlugie Pobrzeze) or Bar pod Ryba. If you don’t fancy fish, there are many restaurants with international cuisine: Thai (Szeroka street), Russian (Ogarna street) or Argentinian (Szewska street) and many more.


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