Gdansk Tourist Card

What is in Gdansk Tourist Card in 2020? Like most tourist destinations in Europe, Gdansk has developed a tourist card with the intention to ease the sightseeing in the city. You may consider buying Gdansk Tourist Card regardless of the purpose of your visit, as it comes in four versions …

Murals Gdansk Zaspa

In one of Gdansk’s districts called Zaspa there’s the Monumental Art Collection. You can find there almost 60 different paintings – all on the walls of blocks of flats. Murals Gdansk Zaspa is the unique collection of art worth seeing when you’re visiting the city.

Museums in Gdansk

There are plenty of museums in Gdansk, so everyone will find someting to see. Most of them have one day with free entrance, and most of them close for one day in a week, so it is best to plan your visit. Here are the most interesting ones.

Gdansk in one day

It is not possible to visit Gdansk in one day, but if you don’t have more time you should visit the city centre. Here you can find a suggested route which let you see the most important places: Dluga Street, Dlugi Targ, Motlawa River and Mariacka Street.

Viewpoints in Gdansk

There are lots of viewpoints in Gdansk like church towers and natural hills. This includes of course city panorama if you are close to the city centre, but it’s not only the old Gdansk that you can see. Here are some viewpoints in Gdansk to choose from.

Gdansk on a rainy day

Unfortunately it’s possible that during your stay in Gdansk the weather won’t be prefect. Gdansk is situated by Baltic cost and has mild climate with strong winds and rain, even in summer. So just bring proper clothes and positive attitude because there’re many things to do even if the weather is not perfect.

Oliwa district

Oliwa is one of the most charming Gdansk’s districts and lately it has also become a growing business centre. In Oliwa you can visit a beautiful Oliwa park, Palace of Abbots, Oliwa Cathedral and also climb to Pacholek hill to see the panorama of Gdansk. Another attracion is the biggest polish ZOO garden.