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  • If you stay in Gdansk for a longer time, it’s worth visiting Gdynia. Although the city has a very short history – which can’t compare to Gdansk, its modern architecture and seaside make it a great destination for a one-day trip.

  • Sopot has been known recently mainly as a nightlife centre. Connecting Gdansk and Gdynia and being home to two large university departments, this is the place where young people from the whole Tricity gather to party. But as you’ll read, Sopot has more to offer than just party places and Music Festival in Forest Opera. It also has an interesting history and architecture.

  • Around Gdansk

    Hel peninsula

    by Maciek

    Ever wanted to see Hell on the earth? Well, it’s Hel actually, not Hell. The long, narrow peninsula derives its name from the small town located at the very end of it. This small town. however, turns into the alternative capital of Poland in the summer. People from the whole Poland, including Polish celebrities, come here to spend their summer holidays – hence it’s sometimes difficult to find a little space for yourself.

  • Malbork is a top place to visit during one day trip from Gdansk. Built by Teutonic Knights, this medieval fortress is the the largest castle in the world measured by land area. When it was finished in 1406, it was also the world’s largest brick castle.

  • Stutthof (Sztutowo) is one of the most important martyrology places in the northern Poland. Here, the day after the beginning of the Second World War, nazis set up the first  concentration camp to exterminate the people of Poland and other nations.