Public transport in Gdynia

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Public transport system in Gdynia

Gdynia’s public transport is separate from that in Gdansk, and consists of buses and trolleybuses. If you are not familiar with the latter, those are buses powered by the electrical network – just like trams. The public transport network in Gdynia is extensive, and some buses go far beyond the city borders. Tickets for trolleybuses and buses in Gdynia are the same but are different from those used in Gdansk (despite the same price). Tickets validated in Gdynia are also valid in Sopot – on the buses run by the city of Gdynia (blue buses), but you can’t change into Gdansk buses that go to Sopot (red buses).

Gdynia public transport ticket price

Type of ticketRegularReduced*
One ride ticket4,80 PLN2,40 PLN
75 minute ticket6 PLN3 PLN
24-hour valid on all lines22,00 PLN11,00 PLN

Using Metropolitan tickets in Gdynia

You may also use Metropolitan Tickets, but remember that only 24h tickets (only 16/25 PLN) and 72-hour tickets (32/50PLN) are valid both on Gdansk and Gdynia buses.

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Kamienna Hill cable car

Except for buses and trolleybuses, there is also a cable car that goes up from the Music Theatre and takes you to the Kamienna hill.

Gdynia - Trolley to Kamienna Hill
Gdynia – Trolley to Kamienna Hill

A free-of-charge gondola will take you up to the upper terrace of Kamienna Hill, from where there is a beautiful panorama of the sea and the city. The ride in the glass gondola takes about 2 minutes, during which the cable car covers a distance of 96 metres and ascends to a height of 40 metres from the base of the hill. It is operated by the passengers themselves, summoned and activated by a button.

The railway is open all year round, Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The ride is free of charge.

Getting from Gdansk to Gdynia

By train

SKM train is the best way to get from Gdansk to Gdynia. Trains go very often (every 10–15 minutes until evening, then every 30 minutes) and the regular ticket costs 6,5 PLN.

You can buy the tickets from:

  • cash desk at the station (remember to validate the ticket before you enter the train),
  • ticket machine (if you plan to return on the same day, look for special offers)
  • conductor at the first door of the train – remember to enter the train through the first door. Otherwise, the ticket inspector may fine you for not having a ticket. Buying a ticket from the conductor, you need to pay an extra fee (2,8 PLN)
  • in the App (Skycash)
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By bike

Gdansk is connected with Gdynia with a network of bike paths – the main being the one going along the beach. Riding a bike from Gdansk to Gdynia should take you about two hours. You may also use the Mevo bike, as Gdynia joined the Mevo System as well.

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