Open’er Festival 2024 in Gdynia Kosakowo airport

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Open’er Festival in Gdynia Kosakowo is, along with the Pol’and’Rock festival, the most popular festival in Poland. Open’er Festival 2024 will start on July 3 and last until the 6th of July. Just like in previous years, it will be located in Gdynia Kosakowo Airport, about 10 km from Gdynia city centre, and about 35 km from Gdansk. Don’t confuse it with Gdansk Mystic Festival, which is the biggest Gdansk Festival in 2024 filled with heavy metal music.

Open'er Festival in Gdynia Kosakowo Airport in 2024 will begin on the 3rd of June
Open’er Festival 2024 in Gdynia will begin on the 3rd of June

History of Open’er Festival in Gdynia

Although since 2006 the festival is located in Gdynia Kosakowo, it all started in Warsaw, in 2002. It was a one-day event at the time. For the next three years, Open’er Festival moved to Gdynia – it was located in Kosciuszki Square – and the line-up included World-famous artists – Pink, Cypress Hills.

In 2006, the venue changed again, this time to Gdynia Kosakowo Airport, and it stayed there until now, each year building more scenes and gathering more participants. During those years, it changed from just a music festival into an art festival – except for the music, there are plenty of other events around.

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During Covid-19 Open’er was downsized and moved to Gdynia Kolibki, and in 2022, although it got back to the airfield, some concerts were cancelled due to the extreme weather conditions. Last year there were no such problems, but many participants complained about the quality of the festival, claiming it was overpriced.

There are many music stars that performed at the Festival, the most famous include Pearls Jam, Rihanna, Nick Cave, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Prince, Faith No More, and many, many others.

Open’er Festival 2024 in Gdynia Kosakowo

Line-up for Open’er Festival 2024

The full line-up for the 2024 edition of the festival hasn’t been announced yet, but some bands have been announced. Those include Foo Fighters, Dua Lipa and Maneskin.

Open’er Festival 2024 tickets

Although the event is scheduled for the 3rd of July, the tickets have been available since September the previous year. The Early Bird tickets are sold at a significant discount (4-day tickets are available at 839 PLN compared to 1039 PLN for regular tickets), and they are usually sold out before the first bands are announced.

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Now regular tickets are on sale, in the following options:

4-day ticket – 1039 PLN

2-day ticket (Friday and Saturday) – 759 PLN

1-day ticket – 495 PLN

All tickets are also available with camping.

After the 11th of June, only Final Call tickets will be available – each option is about 30-40 PLN more expensive than regular tickets. Tickets may be bought here.

How to get to Open’er festival from Gdynia and Gdansk

With public transport

Every year, additional SKM trains run from Gdansk to Gdynia. You need a regular SKM ticket to travel on that train. Once you arrive at Gdynia Glowna train station, special buses will take you to the Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport. If you have an Open’er ticket, the bus is free of charge.

With Taxi

Taxi (Freenow) from Gdynia Glowna to Kosakowo Airport typically costs 30-40 PLN, but as the demand during the festival is far higher, it is difficult to predict the price. Furthermore, when the concerts end, it may increase significantly. Moreover, there are reports of taxi drivers refusing short routes just to Gdynia Glowna, and are looking for passengers that require a longer ride.

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With a car

This seems to be the worst option – the ring (Obwodnica) is crowded with cars, and so is the road to the airfield. There is parking on-site, but expect to wait even an hour to leave the parking after the concert.

Accommodation during Open’er festival in Gdynia

If you don’t have a ticket that includes camping, you should think about accommodation well in advance. It is impossible to find accommodation nearby a week or two before the event, so you’d better book it as soon as you get Open’er tickets.

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