Car, motorbike and scooter sharing in Gdansk

Car sharing

Car sharing is a relatively new means of transportation in Gdansk. The idea is to rent a car for a short period of time and to pay only for the kilometres and time of the ride. All you need to do is to register, download the application on your phone, and look for the car that’s nearest to you. The rates are 0,8 PLN for one kilometre + 0,5 PLN for one minute of the ride. The main advantage of this system is that it’s cheaper than a taxi, and you can park in the city free of charge. The main disadvantage is that there might be no car nearby when you need it.

Car sharing in Gdansk
Car sharing in Gdansk

Also, traffic during rush hours may make your trip more expensive than you would expect. But at night, when there is almost no traffic, this is a very convenient means of transport. Bear in mind, that you still need to obey the traffic regulations – you are not anonymous as a driver and you still may be fined for any traffic offences. Also, make sure to park the car where it’s legal. Otherwise, you will be charged if the car is blocked by the city guards for improper parking.

Remember, that car-sharing may function only in the city area. If you plan to go around Gdansk, it’s better to hire a car from a regular company.

Motorbike sharing

Similarly to cars, motorbike sharing system has been working in Gdansk since 2018. The idea is similar, but what you share is a two-person, electric motorbike with the range of 70-90 kilometres when fully charged. The rates are 0,69PLN for one minute of the ride, 0,09 PLN  for stoppage time (motorbike can’t be rented by other users then), no more than 69PLN/day.

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Electric motorbike sharing in Gdansk
Electric motorbike sharing in Gdansk

Remember, that although it is an electric motorbike, contrary to Mevo electric bikes you can’t ride them on bike paths. You also need to wear a crash helmet (you will find it in the trunk).

Electric scooter in Gdansk

Electric scooters became a very popular means of transport in most European cities, and since 2019 Gdansk also has scooters to share. So far there are three companies: Hive, Blinkee and Quick Ride, and the prices are very similar.



In all cases, you need to download the mobile App and register. The area in which you may use Hive and Blinkee electric scooter is limited to the city centre and Gdansk Wrzeszcz, while in Quick Ride you may ride within borders of the city.

If you decide to register and use Hive Scooter, use voucher code jHP3TKEw for registration to get 27 free minutes.

There are two problems with electric scooters. The first one: when riding an electric scooter in Poland, you are treated as a pedestrian. It means that you cannot use bike paths, you should only ride on pavements. This sometimes leads to a collision with other pedestrians, and if something serious happens, it is up to the police to decide whose fault it was.

Electric scooter sharing in Gdansk
Electric scooter sharing in Gdansk

The second problem is parking the scooter after the ride. They are often recklessly thrown on the pavement and make it difficult for pedestrians to walk. That’s why after you park Quick Ride Scooter, you need to take a picture of the parked scooter and send it through the app to prove that you parked it properly.

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