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Gdansk Airport to city centre by bus, train and taxi

by Maciek

Getting from Gdansk Airport to city centre

There is only one Gdansk Airport – Lech Walesa Airport (Port Lotniczy im. Lecha Walesy). It is located about 15 km from the city centre, in the Rebiechowo district. Gdansk Airport is easily accessible from the Gdansk Old Town, as well as from Sopot and Gdynia. Getting to and from Gdansk Airport to city centre and Old Town is easy and cheap both ways. You can get to all those places without any problems by railway, bus or taxi. Unlike some European airports, it is quite cheap if you decide to use public transport, as there is no additional ticket needed – just a regular one. Much more expensive – and not always faster – is getting out of Gdansk airport by taxi or airport transfer service.

This will be a bit cheaper if you register with FreeNow – an official taxi that works similar to Uber and Bolt. If you download the FreeNow Android App or FreeNow Apple App and register with this link you will receive a voucher for 15 PLN (about 4 EUR).

Alternatively, you may use Uber or Bolt. Their price depends on the actual demand, but they are usually much cheaper than taxis.

If you are considering coming to Poland through other airports, check our articles on getting from the airport to the centre of Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Poznan.

Before you leave the Airport

It is possible and easy to reach most of the city districts from the airport either by bus or by train. If you have not decided yet on where to stay in Gdansk, this article may help you choose the district that best suits your plans. If you have not decided yet what to do in Gdansk, another article lists top things to do in Gdansk.

Free WiFi is available both in departures and arrivals, you may use it to plan your trip and buy the bus ticket. There are also some bars and restaurants but expect prices to be much higher than outside. If you really need to grab a drink or a chocolate bar – check the self-service machine at the train station platform – it is cheaper than buying it at the terminal. At the terminal, you will find currency exchange as well, but the exchange rate is extremely low – it’s much better to get into the city centre and change money there, or use an ATM.

Gdansk train and bus station
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If your plane lands in Gdansk during the day, it is worth checking out the Tourist Information Office at the airport. They should have some free plans of the city to give out.

Getting to and from Gdansk airport
Lech Walesa Airport in Gdansk

No matter if you land in the new or old terminal, it is very easy to find all means of public transport getting from the Airport to Gdansk city centre. All you need to do is to follow the line until you get to the desired place. Both the train station and the bus stop are very close to the airport.

From Gdansk Airport to city centre by public transport - lines to follow
Gdansk Airport – routes to bus, train and taxi

From Gdansk Airport to Gdansk old town and city centre

By bus during the day

There is a direct bus from Gdansk Airport to old town and city centre. It arrives in front of the main railway station in Gdansk, as well as next to Brama Wyzynna. It is very close to Dluga Street and the Old Town.

The number of the line is 210 – direction “Gdansk Glowny”. It leaves the airport at least once an hour on weekdays, and once an hour on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The journey lasts about 30 minutes if there is no traffic, but expect it to be longer in the morning and afternoon. One ride ticket (3,80 PLN) is enough, but if you plan to use public transport on that day, consider buying a 24-hour ticket (14 PLN) or buying Gdansk Tourist Card that includes transportation. You can buy the ticket from the driver, automatic ticket machine or using the Android App. If you buy tickets from the machine, remember to validate them on-board.

Bus to Gdansk Wrzeszcz

If you only want to go to Gdansk Wrzeszcz, there is also a bus 110 leaving the airport 2-3 times an hour. It goes to Wrzeszcz train station (Wrzeszcz PKP), but the route it takes is jammed in the morning and in the afternoon. So at that time, it is better to take the train instead.

Bus to Lostowice-Swietokrzyska tram/bus station

Another way to get from Gdansk Airpot to the city centre is bus line 120. It leaves the airport 2-3 times per hour on weekdays and once an hour on weekends. This bus doesn’t go directly to Gdansk city centre, but to the bus/tram station “Lostowice Swietokrzyska”. You may change there to the bus or tram going to the city centre (check jakdojade.pl for the best route).

Public transport in Gdansk and Tricity
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By bus at night

If you land in Gdansk at night, there is a night bus N3 going to the city centre or to Gdansk Wrzeszcz. The journey to city centre lasts about 45 minutes while to Gdansk Wrzeszcz it’s only 15 minutes. The night fare is the same as during the day and the ticket costs 3,8 PLN.

By railway

Currently, there is no direct train from the Gdansk Airport train station to city centre. However, if you are willing to accept one change in Gdansk Wrzeszcz, this is the most convenient way to get to the Old Town. Regular ticket from Gdansk Airport to Gdansk Glowny costs 6,5 PLN, but if you choose “Bilet miejski” you will only pay 3,5 PLN. It is not dependent on traffic, fast and comfortable. The trip with a change in Gdansk Wrzeszcz will usually last no more than 45 minutes. The only problem is that if you arrive at night, there are no trains until 4.50 in the morning. So probably the only way of getting to the Gdansk City Centre is to take a taxi or a night bus.

There are two platforms at the Gdansk Airport train station. To get to the city centre, you need to enter the one closer to the airport. The other one serves trains going to Gdynia and Kartuzy (if you plan to go to Gdynia watch the screen carefully, as Kartuzy is different direction).

The ticket for the railway may be obtained in the automatic ticket machine that is located on the platform, or from the staff on-board.

Gdansk airport train station - ticket machine
Gdansk Airport railway station – ticket machine

Taxi Gdansk Airport to the city centre

Personally, I wouldn’t take a taxi from Gdansk airport, as the price is much higher than public transport. But if your plane lands at night, this might be the only available option. So if you really need a taxi, Gdansk Airport recommends Neptun Taxi corporation – the risk you’ll be ripped off is lower, but still, expect to pay 50-100 PLN (depending on the time and day) for a taxi ride from Gdansk airport to city centre. There is a line in front of the airport separating the area where only recommended taxis are allowed to park and wait for passengers.

Getting from Gdansk airport to city centre by taxi - line separating recommended taxi area
Line separating Gdansk airport recommended taxi zone


Other Taxis from Gdansk Airport

You shouldn’t take a taxi that is behind that line unless it’s Uber or Free Now. There are reports about Gdansk Airport taxi drivers overcharging their passengers, and those reports are usually related to non-corporate cars.  If you really need to take car other than recommended Gdansk Airport taxi, always check the price list of the taxi’s door.

Gdansk Tourist Card
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If you decide to take a FreeNow from Gdansk Airport – remember to register in FreeNow Android App or FreeNow Apple App with a discount code maciej.bog4 you will receive a voucher for 20 PLN (about 5 EUR). Free Now taxis or Uber let you control your cost and estimate it before you reserve a taxi.

Transfer from Gdansk Airport to the city centre

There are several companies that offer transfer service from the airport to the centre of Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia, or to other popular destinations in Pomerania. They need to be booked in advance, but they may take more passengers and the price is cheaper than for the taxi. You may check the pricelist and book the transfer service Elite Taxi and Black Taxi. Gdansk Airport transfer service may be arranged for you for an extra fee by some airlines (eg Wizzair) if you travel with them.

Staying at the Gdansk Airport

What if you don’t have the time or opportunity to go to the city centre? Your first option – if you arrive at night, is staying at the airport or in a nearby hotel. There are two hotels within walking distance: Hampton by Hilton and Sleep&Fly Motel. Other hotels are a bit further and would need to arrange a transfer from the airport.

If you decide to stay at the airport, there are not a lot of things to do. There are some restaurants and duty-free shops, but mostly in the departure lounge. Except for that, there are no services that may keep you busy. There is a chapel (mess is celebrated on Sunday at 10 am), Post Office (Monday-Friday 12-16) and Tourist Information (Monday-Saturday 9-17, Sunday 9-14).

You may also have enough time to leave the airport, but not enough to get to the city centre. Here is where you may go then:

2 hours stopover in Gdansk – supermarket or duty free shops at the Gdansk Airport

Well, unfortunately, it is not a lot of time and the only thing you can do is going to the supermarket. There are two: Biedronka (open Monday-Thursday 7-21, Friday-Saturday 7-22) and Lidl (open 7-21.30, except Sundays). Both are about 4 km from the airport, and buses 110, 210 and 122 leave the airport in that direction every 10-15 minutes (direction Wrzeszcz PKP, Orunia Goscinna or Sopot Kamienny Potok SKM). You should get off the bus at the bus stop Agrarna (Biedronka) or Harfowa (Lidl). The journey should last 10-15 minutes. The same buses go back to the airport just from the opposite side of the street. You need 2 one-ride tickets or 1 one-hour ticket, depending on how quick your shopping at the supermarket is.

If you need to buy a drink or some sweets and don’t want to leave the airport area, instead of going to the duty-free shops you may want to go to the train station – there are self-service machines there, and prices are half of the prices in duty-free shops. You don’t need to buy water at the Gdansk Airport – there is a water feeder in the departures lounge, after the security, next to the children’s area. The water is fresh and of good quality, but it is more convenient to have an empty bottle or cup than to drink straight from the water feeder.

Drinking water at Gdansk Airport
Drinking water at Gdansk Airport

4 hours stopover in Gdansk – restaurants and stores close to the airport

4 hours is not enough to get you much further. But it is enough time for short shopping – there is a big Shopping Centre (Park Handlowy Matarnia) very close to the Lidl supermarket. You will find there Ikea (there is Ikea restaurant inside), electronic stores, clothes stores, restaurants, cafes, pharmacy and many, many more. It’s open 10-21. Buses 110, 210 and 122 leave the airport in that direction every 10-15 minutes (direction Wrzeszcz PKP, Orunia Goscinna or Sopot Kamienny Potok SKM). You should get off the bus at the bus stop Harfowa, then walk a little back. You’ll see the shopping center to your left.

Hitchhiking from Gdansk
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If you prefer eating some Polish cuisine during your stopover, I recommend dining in Bistro “Dziewiatka” (Radarowa Street 9). It is 2 km away from the airport on the way to the city centre. They serve Polish and international cuisine, prices are moderate and they prepare the food quickly.

6 hours stopover in Gdansk – shopping in Gdansk Wrzeszcz

With that time to spend, you may go to Gdansk Wrzeszcz – there are far more options there than in Matarnia Shopping Centre. Shopping Malls, restaurants, shops or even cinema – 6 hours time is enough to get there. The best way is to take the train from the airport (direction Gdansk Wrzeszcz or Gdansk Glowny). The journey lasts about 25 minutes.

More than 6 hours stopover in Gdansk – dinner in the city centre

Well, that should be enough to visit the main town, sightsee a bit and have dinner.

Getting to Gdansk Airport from the city centre

Once you finish your stay in Gdansk, you may need to go back to the airport to catch your outward flight. Getting to Gdansk Airport from city centre is just as easy as the other way.

Best things to do in Gdynia
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By Bus

Bus 210 leaves from Brama Wyzynna bus stop (direction Osowa PKP), and then stops opposite to the main railway station (Gdansk Glowny). Ticket for one ride (enough to get to the airport) costs 3,8 PLN. It stops just in front of the departures terminal.

By railway

There are no direct trains from Gdansk city centre to the airport. What you can do is to go to Gdansk Wrzeszcz and then change into PKM train that passes the airport. Be aware, that you never know from which platform in Gdansk Wrzeszcz the train to the airport leaves, and the information there is hardly visible. Just make sure you don’t go to Gdynia Glowna via Sopot. The whole journey should cost 6,5 PLN with a regular ticket, but it’s cheaper to ask for “Bilet miejski” that costs only 3,5 PLN

By cab

You can take a taxi from anywhere in the city, just make sure they do not fool you by taking a long way. Depending on the date and time, going with a taxi Gdansk Airport should be reached in 30-40 minutes and cost 50-100 PLN. Uber – though not considered to be a 100% legal company in Poland  – works fine and should take you to the airport cheaper. Bolt works fine as well. Gdansk Airport has a “Kiss and fly” area, which allows cars to enter for no more than 15 minutes. Don’t let the taxi driver charge you for this parking ticket – it’s free. Neptun is the taxi corporation recommended by the Airport.

Getting from Gdansk airport to Sopot

By bus

There is a direct bus from Gdansk airport to Sopot city centre – line 122 (Direction Sopot Kamienny Potok SKM). It arrives in front of Grand Hotel – very close to the Monte Cassino street and the wooden pier. The journey takes about one hour, so it’s better either to have two tickets and validate the second one once the first expires. You may also consider buying a 24-hour ticket.

Parking in Gdansk - where to park a car in Gdansk
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By train

There is no direct train to Sopot. You need to get to Gdansk Wrzeszcz and then change lines.

By cab

Taxi from Gdansk Airport to Sopot City centre should cost 50-100 PLN depending on the company and time

Getting from Gdansk Airport to Gdynia

By bus

Except for some expensive transfer buses, there is no bus service from Gdansk Airport to Gdynia

By train

SKM trains leave every 30-60 minutes from the airport to Gdynia. This is not the main Gdansk-Gdynia train route that most citizens take every day. This is the second line that goes outside the city, through nice landscapes around Tricity. The journey takes about 25 minutes and costs about 6-7 PLN.

By cab

Ride from the airport to Gdynia should cost about 80-130 PLN. Uber or Free Now should be much cheaper. Beware, that the road the cars are going to take tends to be jammed in the afternoon. We strongly recommend taking the train instead of a taxi.

Transfer from Gdansk Airport to other cities

Regular transfer service to Koszalin, Torun, Bydgoszcz and Olsztyn leave from Gdansk Airport. Check airport website for more details. Also, there are private transfers available to book online. Transfer destination and the fee will be negotiated individually.

Gdansk Airport Parking

Kiss & Fly parking

This is the zone just in front of the terminal, where you have free 10 minutes to say goodbye before you enter the airport. Your car needs to leave the Kiss&Fly zone in 10 minutes. Otherwise, you need to pay 20 PLN for every 10 minutes. This is to ensure there will be a possibility for every passenger to get with his luggage as near the airport as possible. Be careful as there are some misleading billboards with lipstick directing you to paid parking.

P1 Gdansk Airport Parking

P1 parking is also a short term parking, paid for every 10 minutes, but rates are significantly lower. You need to pay 2 PLN for every 10 minutes below 2 hours, then 9 PLN for every hour.

P3-P6 Gdansk Airport Parking

Those parking are a bit further from the terminal, and they are dedicated to a longer stay. The higher the number after the “P” letter, the further is the parking from the terminal, and the lower is the rates.

You may compare all the rates here.

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