Accommodation in Gdansk – where to stay in Gdansk?

We can’t recommend a specific accommodation in Gdansk as we are locals and we have never stayed in a hotel in our own city. But we can recommend where to stay in Gdansk and how to look for a place to stay.

Gdansk has a wide selection of places to stay and it’s still growing. You can find 5-star hotels, cheap hostels, homestays, camping or apartments to rent. It’s up to you and your pocket where you will stay.

How to find the best accommodation in Gdansk?

It’s better to make a reservation in advance, especially in the summer when everything is packed. We recommend a popular website You can easily find a suitable place for you there.

If you’d like to get an extra 50 PLN payback after your reservation on, send us a message. We’ll send you a link and after your stay, you’ll get part of your money back. It works even if you already have an account and without a limit of reservations.

If you prefer to rent an apartment or a room you might be interested in platform. It’s a good idea when you’re travelling with more people to share the cost of the apartment. Just be careful about additional charges like guest and cleaning fees.

It’s a platform where you can find local hosts and sleep at their house. This is for free but don’t treat it like a free hotel. It’s something more. It’s about meeting new people, sharing culture and your experiences. If you like the idea, you can try to find a host. We use it many times during our travels and we hosted many people here in Gdansk. It was always a wonderful experience, every time unique.

Where to stay in Gdansk?

Most hotels are situated in the city centre or close to the Baltic coast. We think it’s a good idea to stay close to the main railway station (“Gdansk Glowny”). It’s by walking distance from the old part of town and close to train if you’d like to go to Sopot or Malbork. We wouldn’t recommend staying near Dluga Street which may be very noisy, even at night. Accommodation close to the Baltic sea or in Sopot usually is much more expensive, so if you’re not a beach lover it’s not worth overpaying.

If you need any advice, just ask us and we’ll try to help you.



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