Hitchhiking from Gdansk

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Hitchhiking from Gdansk to another Polish city shouldn’t be difficult. In Poland hitchhiking works pretty well and fast. It’s a popular form of travelling among young people. Lately highways were built so it’s not so simple like 10 years ago but still, comparing to other European countries, it is easy to hitchhike from Gdansk.

Hitchhiking from Gdansk – where to start?

The most important in hitchhiking is finding a suitable place to stop the car. Remember that hitchhiking is legal in Poland but you can’t stop cars at highways and high-speed roads.

hitchhiking from gdansk

Gdansk – Warsaw and Gdansk – Malbork

If you’re going to the south of Poland (hitchhiking from Gdansk to Warsaw or hitchhiking from Gdansk to Malbork) I suggest going on S7 route, not A1 highway. The best place to stop cars is the bus stop “Wezel Elblaska”. You can go there from the centre (“Dworzec Glowny” or “Brama Wyzynna”) by buses number 112 or 186. The bus stop is “on demand” so you need to press the “stop” button inside the bus. It takes 10 minutes by bus and about 40 minutes on foot from Brama Wyzynna.

Gdansk Airport to Gdynia or Sopot
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Gdansk – Hel

You may like to go to Hel peninsula by hitchhiking. You need to go to Reda by SKM train and then walk to the crossroad of Pucka and Dluga street. You can try hitchhiking there. Don’t go further than the sign marking the end of Reda town because the road starts to be steep and with a lot of bends, so cars can’t stop there.

Actually traveling by car to Hel is not recommended as there’s always a traffic jam so it’s better to check other possibilities: Hel peninsula.


For the last few years website blablacar.pl became very popular. It’s a carpooling platform where you can share costs of the drive with other people travelling in the same direction. It’s a good alternative if you don’t have time for hitchhiking and you’d like to save some money.

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