Public transport in Gdansk and Tricity

Public transport in Gdansk

Public transport in Gdansk is a convenient way to explore the city. The fares are acceptable, and if there are no traffic jams caused by some roadworks, accidents or extreme weather, it’s pretty punctual. All the buses and most of the trams are modern, with air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter.

The bus and tram network allows you to get to any place in the city – beaches, museums and Oliwa district, although it sometimes takes time to get there. To find buses, trams and water trams maps, look at the official public transport page of Gdansk, but you will find the best routes easier in the Jakdojade App.

Modern tram in Gdansk
Modern tram in Gdansk

Public transport in Gdansk – buses and trams

Where to buy tickets

Public transport in Gdansk - Ticket machine
Public transport in Gdansk – Ticket machine

Tickets for buses and trams are the same. They may be obtained from kiosks, ticket booths (rare), ticket teller machine or from the driver. After entering the bus/tram, you need to validate the ticket. You only need to do it once. It is also possible to buy tickets using Android App (Jakdojade, Mobilet), but it is better to do it before you enter the vehicle. Tickets bought in the Apps don’t need to be validated, and they appear in the App.

Types of tickets in Gdansk

There are one ride tickets, that are only valid for one ride – after you leave the bus/tram you need to buy another one to go further.

There are also time tickets, that allow you to change buses and trams until the ticket runs out of time. Unfortunately, there are no tickets valid for more than 72 hours. There are of course monthly tickets, but it highly unlikely that you’ll need them.

To use night buses or trams (those with letter N in the beginning, for example N1) you need to buy a separate ticket, that is a little bit more expensive. However, if you have a 24-hour ticket, it is valid also for night transportation. Depending on where you buy it, the variety of tickets offer may differ. 

Public transport in Gdansk Fares

The tickets price are as shown below:

If you travel without a valid ticket the fine is 133 PLN if you pay it within 7 days, otherwise, it rises to 190 PLN

*You are entitled to buy a reduced ticket when you are a student up to 26 years old and you have an ISIC or EURO26 STUDENT card that was issued outside Poland.

Public transport in Gdansk – Gdansk water tram

Public transport in Gdansk-Ferry Tram
Public transport in Gdansk – Water Tram

A nice supplement to public transport in is two Gdansk water tram lines running in the summer. F5 runs from Żabi Kruk to Brzeźno, calling at Westerplatte, and F6 runs from Targ Rybny to Gorki Zachodnie. Although their routes seem to be useful both for tourists and citizens, they are very slow and serve more as an attraction than means of transport and are often impossible to board except for on the first stop. Water trams give you the opportunity to see Gdansk from a different perspective from May to September, and if you manage to take bike with you, this will give you the opportunity of sightseeing from the water tram, and active bike ride on your way back.


Price of the ticket for the water tram in Gdansk has risen since last year and is now 20 PLN (10 PLN reduced). Tickets for Gdansk Water Tram may be obtained on Zegluga Gdanska website (until the day before the ride) or onboard.

Public transport in Gdansk – SKM train

Gdansk has no metro, but there is SKM train, that is a fast way to travel within the main communication route. It is often called Gdansk – Gdynia train, but some trains go further, even beyond Wejherowo. SKM trains stop on every station, so it is also a good way to get from Gdansk to sightsee or party in Sopot. Travel from Gdansk to Gdynia with SKM train lasts only 33 minutes and costs 6,5 PLN, while to Sopot it’s only 20 minutes and 4,2 PLN. Since 2013 there is also a second line of SKM (PKM) that goes to the airport and Kaszuby. This is much faster than the bus, and the punctuality is not dependable on traffic. Gdansk – Gdynia train usually leaves every 10-15 minutes until evening, then every 30 minutes until night, and every 2 hours during the night.

There is a variety of tickets to travel on SKM, including one ride tickets, 24-hour tickets, return tickets, group/family tickets and zone tickets. You need to consult their website to check, which ticket is best for you. Skycash App will automatically hint you with the ticket that best suits your needs.

SKM train tickets

Tickets are sold at the railway stations, automatic ticket machines on the phone (Skycash App) or on the board. If you buy the ticket from the cash desk at the railway station, make sure to validate it before you get on board. Tickets bought in the automatic ticket machine or by Skycash App don’t need to be validated. There are no validators inside the trains.

To buy the ticket on the board (there is an extra fee), you need to get in through the first door. Otherwise, the ticket inspector may stop you on your way to buy a ticket and fine you for not having one.

Unless you are a Polish citizen or have a permanent residence card you are not entitled to buy SKM reduced tickets.

Hitchhiking from Gdansk
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MZKZG tickets (Metropolitarny ticket)

What is MZKZG? It is an association of cities around Gdansk, that decided to make it more convenient to travel in the area. MZKZG includes Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and a couple of smaller cities around Tricity.

If you want to travel both bus/tram and SKM, or you plan to use public transport in Gdansk and other cities within MZKZG, you should consider buying a combined ticket. Using that ticket, it is possible to go by bus/tram and SKM train. One more advantage of this ticket is that one of them is valid for 72 hours! The types of tickets and their prices are as follow:

*You may buy a reduced MZKZG ticket for buses with your ISIC/EURO26 Student card, but unfortunately, unless you are a Polish citizen or have a permanent residence card you are not entitled to buy SKM reduced tickets. Combined tickets are difficult to buy. Usually, they are available in the main SKM stations, but the most convenient way is to install Jakdojade app on your phone and buy it inside the application.

What else should you know about public transport in Gdansk?

On-demand bus stops

At some bus stops, those marked “Na zadanie” or “NZ” you need to show the driver that you want to get on/off the bus. While inside, you need to press the “Stop” button, while waiting at the bus stop, you need to waive for the bus to stop.

Note that during the night, all the bus stops are “Na zadanie”

Time tickets expiry

Theoretically, you need to leave the bus after your ticket runs out of time. But if according to the schedule the bus was supposed to come to your destination within the validity of your ticket, but is late because of traffic, you can ride with that ticket even after it is void. But beware, that some ticket inspector will not be willing to apply that rule (even though it’s stated in the terms). Also, if you use the mobile app to buy the ticket, make sure to capture the screen with the ticket, as it may disappear once the ticket validity is over.

Bus stop boards

At some main bus and tram stops, there are electronic boards showing departures from the bus stop. If the information is “za XY min“, this is the real-time from GPS installed on the bus. If it shows the exact time of departure, this is the time according to the schedule, not the real-time info.

Gdansk Tourist Card
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Public transport in Gdansk - bus stop board
Public transport in Gdansk – bus stop board

Airport connection

It’s easy and cheap to reach Gdansk airport by public transport. You just need a normal ticket, no extra fee is charged. Check Getting from Gdansk airport to the city centre by bus, train and taxi for more information.

Alternative to public transport?

Car sharing is getting more and more popular. It’s cheaper than taking a taxi and faster than public transport, so many people use it. Also, the public bike system  – Mevo – may be used for a short distance.

For more information check our article on car motorbike and scooter sharing in Gdansk and Mevo – a public bike system in Tricity and surroundings.

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Kjartan Kjartansson
Kjartan Kjartansson

Dear Sirs,
What’s the difference between regular and reduced fared?

Best regards

Kjartan Kjartansson
Kjartan Kjartansson

Dear Sirs,

What’s the difference between Regular and Reduced prices?
Smething to do with age?

Hope to hear from yuo soon.

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Thanks for providing this resource. We are currently in Gdansk and are planning to purchase an “24hour ticket (all MZKZG+SKM train)” for each of us. I downloaded the Jakdojade app for Android and can see how to purchase the ticket (BTW – it does come up in English after the “Accept Terms” page). The question is how to use the ticket once it’s purchased and is there a way to buy tickets for two people on a single phone?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Eddy Privitera
Eddy Privitera

We are going to Gdansk on 29 May for 1 week. Which is the best public transport ticket to buy so we can travel by Bus, Tram and Train in Gdansk, Sopot & Gdynia , And which we can use also late evening ?

Mrs Thompson
Mrs Thompson

We are going to gdansk for 2 weeks we are over 70 so we need to jump on and off transport what is best ticket to buy for all holiday,thank you