Gdansk train and bus station

Gdansk train and bus station

Train and bus are the most common way of travelling through Poland. Both the railway and bus station in Gdansk are conveniently located close to the city centre, which makes it the easiest way to come to and to leave Gdansk.

Gdansk railway station

Gdansk railway station is located very close to the historical centre, in Podwale Grodzkie street, and is easily accessible by trams and buses. The building itself was built in 1900, but what we can see today is an after-war reconstruction, as it was partially destroyed during the Second World War.

Gdansk Train Station
Gdansk Train Station

Gdansk train station serves local Gdansk-Gdynia train, domestic trains and international destinations. There is MC Donalds restaurant at the station and KFC just next to it. There are also some small cofee-bars, bakery and supermarket, and there are lots of supermarkets and service points in the underground passage connecting Gdansk Train Station to the historical centre. If you want to leave your baggage here, there is a left luggage service and lockers to store it.

The ticket office is located in the main hall of the station. There are also ticket machines where you may buy tickets for long-distance trains (machines for Gdansk-Gdynia trains are located at the entrance to the platform. There is also Intercity ticket office on the left in the main hall – ladies there are more likely to speak English and buying tickets there is somehow more comfortable.

Trains in Poland
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Trains from Gdansk Station

From Gdansk train station leave trains to most Polish cities. Tickets price vary on the class of the train and the time to departure:

  • Trains from Gdansk to Warsaw (about 15 daily, 3-5 hours)
  • Trains from Gdansk to Krakow (about 10 daily, 5-10 hours)
  • Trains from Gdansk to Poznan (about 10 daily, 3-4 hours)
  • Trains from Gdansk to Wroclaw (about 5 daily, 6-7 hours).

There are also international routes:

  • Train from Gdansk to Berlin (1 daily, 6 hours)
  • Train from Gdansk to Vienna (1 daily, 10,5 hours)

Most of the trains going south stop in Malbork.

To check the exact schedules and buy tickets, visit Intercity website

Gdansk bus station

Gdansk Bus Station (also known as Gdansk PKS Station) is located at 3 Maja Street, very close to Gdansk Train Station – it is connected by the underground passage. Contrary to the picturesque Gdansk train station, this is an old, communist-era building.

Gdansk bus station
Gdansk bus station

This is the main bus station in Gdansk and most of the buses leave or pass by here. The station is smaller than the Gdansk Train Station and consists of a small ticket office and a small shop. On the ground, there are basic platforms that serve:

  • Buses from Gdansk to Warsaw (at least 10 daily, tickets 25-70 PLN, 5-6 hours)
  • Buses from Gdansk to Poznan (at least 5 daily, tickets about 40 PLN, 5 hours)
  • Buses from Gdansk to Wroclaw (at least 2 daily, tickets about 50 PLN 7-8 hours)
  • Buses from Gdansk to Berlin (at least 2 daily, tickets about 90 PLN 8-9 hours)
  • Buses from Gdansk to Prague (at least 2 daily, tickets about 90 PLN, 12-13 hours)

and local cities:

  • Buses from Gdansk to Stuthoff (about 20 daily, ticket about 15 PLN)
  • Buses from Gdansk to Kartuzy (at least once an hour, about 10 PLN)
  • Buses from Gdansk to Koscierzyna (at least once an hour, about 15 PLN)

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