Mevo – Public bike system in Gdansk

In October 2019 Mevo Bike System in Gdansk was suspended. We are waiting for it to restart, hopefully in Spring 2020.

Public bike rental system in Gdansk – Mevo

Mevo – public bike rental system in Gdansk was launched in March 2019 and is still growing. So far there are only 30% of the bikes available and the system is suffering from initial setbacks, but once put in its full operating capacity, it is going to be a great complement to the public transport in Gdansk.

Where and how to ride on Mevo bikes?

Mevo – the public bike system covers the whole Tricity and surroundings. This means that you may ride it from Tczew to Reda – changing your bikes on the way. You may take bikes may from the bike stations and should return them to the bike station to avoid an extra fee (3 PLN). Most of the stations are located in the city centre and along the bike path parallel to the beach. Bikes are equipped with essential lights and GPS to locate them easily through the official App. All bikes are supported by an electric engine to help you cope with the Gdansk’s hills, but it turns off when you exceed 25 km/h to avoid speeding. The battery might be also a hindrance of the system, as you may only rent a bike when its battery level is at least 20%.

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Mevo - Gdansk Bike System - map
Mevo – Gdansk Bike rental System – map

How to use the Gdansk Mevo Bike System?

To use Mevo bike rental system, you should follow these easy steps:

  1. First, you need to register at Mevo public bike rental system website
  2. After you have registered, you need to make an initial payment. Remember, that minimal account balance to pick up a bike is 1 PLN, so if you want to subscribe plan that costs 10 PLN, your payment should be no less than 11 PLN
  3. Now you should choose a Mevo plan. You may do that on the website or through the Mevo App. If you don’t want to subscribe to any plan, you will be using your account balance (10 gr/hour)
  4. You are now ready to rent a bike. Use the Mevo App to locate the nearest bike. You may reserve it for 15 minutes to make sure it’s there until you arrive. The reservation option is currently limited to 5 minutes, so you need to hurry to rent the bike

    Mevo - Gdansk public bike rental bike system - application
    Mevo – Gdansk public bike rental system – application

  5. If you are already at the bike, just scan the QR code and you are free to ride.
  6. To return the bike, just go to one of the many Mevo Stations and choose “Return” in the Mevo App and lock the o-lock on the rear wheel. If you decide to return the bike outside the station, 3 PLN will be deducted from your balance. If you decide to return the bike outside the Mevo Station, make sure it’s within the Mevo Zone, as leaving the bike outside the zone will be fined 50-1000 PLN (depending on how far is the nearest station), while leaving the bike in the prohibited zone will be fined 450-1400 PLN.
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Mevo - bike station in the of centre Gdansk
Mevo – bike station in the of centre Gdansk

How much does the Mevo Bike System cost?

Public bike system in Gdansk is very cheap in comparison to other public transport options. The monthly plan costs just 10 PLN, which is equal to 3 one-ride bus tickets. Below you can find a short comparison of the plans available. Depending on how long you plan to stay in Gdansk and how many people are with you, it would be probably best for you to consider buying a 2 or 5 days plan, or just take the bike and pay for every minute you use it.


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If you plan to stay in Gdansk a bit longer, maybe it’s worth buying a long time subscription.


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Also, please note that:

  • The initial fee (10 PLN) applies to all the plans
  • When you return the bike outside the station, you will be charged 3 PLN. But don’t worry – if there are no free slots, it is enough to return the bike near the station sign.
  • You may pick up the bike outside the station, and you return it to the station. Thus, you will receive a bonus (2 PLN) to your account.

If you feel that the Gdansk Bike System not suitable for your trip, or you just prefer a faster means of transport, read about car, motorbike and scooter sharing in Gdansk.

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