Places for campers in Gdansk

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Camper car sites in Gdansk

Have you come to Gdansk with a camper car? This is a relatively new form of travelling in Poland and there are not a lot of places prepared for campers. However, there are at least four places where you may come with your camper car in Gdansk.

Camper in Gdansk

Camper in Gdansk

Camper Car in Gdansk Stogi Camping. 

There are two camping sites in Gdansk Stogi ready to invite you with your Camper car:

Camping number 218 in Gdansk Stogi

This site is a good place if you want to be close to the beach and in a relatively calm environment. Prices are moderate: 30-34 PLN/ camper + 12/17 PLN per person. If you need electricity that’s another 12 PLN/day. No additional fees for showers, toilets and kitchen, but local tax (2,22 PLN/person/night) is not included. The campsite is situated close to Stogi Beach tram stop, about 20 minutes from the city centre and just five minutes away from Gdansk Stogi beach. Camping offers free WiFi.

Camping number 114 in Gdansk Stogi

This one is just a few meters away from Stogi 218. Prices are a bit higher: 25-50 PLN/ camper + 14/18 PLN per person. Local tax applies (2,22 PLN/person/night). Electricity costs 14 PLN. The facilities are mostly the same, plus the camping area is secured with a surveillance camera.

Camping in Gdansk
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Gdansk Jelitkowo Camping

The other option is Camping Park 45, located on the border between Sopot and Gdansk Jelitkowo. This one is even closer to the beach, but a bit further from the city centre. Also, the standard is a bit higher form those in Gdansk Stogi, but it is closer to bars and restaurants, so it might be a bit noisy in the evening. It may also be more crowded. Prices are 27-95 PLN/camper and 19 PLN/person. Electricity costs 20 PLN/day. As the camping is formally located in Sopot, the local tax is higher: 4,4 PLN/person/night.

Camper Park in Gdansk Wrzeszcz

This one is located in Gdansk Wrzeszcz (Towarowa Street 40), close to the Technical University of Gdansk and Gdansk Politechnika SKM train station. The price is 75 PLN per camper, and it includes electricity, showers, toilets and internet access.

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