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Viewpoints in Gdansk

by Maciek

There are lots of viewpoints in Gdansk. This includes, of course, city panorama if you are close to the city centre, but it’s not only the old Gdansk that you can see. Here are some viewpoints in Gdansk to choose from:

Viewpoints in Gdansk close to the city centre

St Mary’s Church

Viewpoints in Gdansk - St Mary's Church Tower
Gdansk – St Mary’s Church Tower

This is the biggest brick-made church in Europe, and the most popular Gdansk viewpoint at the same time. Visiting it inside is a must. And once you’re inside, look for the entrance to the tower, on your left when you enter the church. The entrance to the tower costs 8 PLN (reduced price: 4 PLN), and then you are going to take the narrow steps up. It’s a bit claustrophobic until you get to the bells. They are still working, so if you happen to be there at a full hour, you’ll see (and hear) them in action. Then a short way up, and you get to the top. There’s a lot to see from here, not only the Main Town but also the shipyard, the sea and green terrains outside the centre.

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The ascent to the tower is available from 25th of March till 30th of November

Zieleniak – Restaurant Panorama

The high, green building close to the main train station is quite interesting for an office building. This is the first “skyscraper” in Gdansk, and its name “Zieleniak” derives from its colour (zielony means “green” in Polish). It was constructed on two pillars, and its floors were built from the highest to the lowest. At the very top of the building, there is a restaurant “Panorama”. So if you want to eat dinner and have a great view of the city at the same time, this is the place to go.

Main City Hall

Viewpoints in Gdansk - Main City City hall Tower
Gdansk – Main Town City hall Tower

Although it’s not the best known for being a viewpoint, the City Hall of the Main Town provides a good view of Gdansk’s most popular places. Its central location makes it the best option to see Dluga Street and Dlugi Targ. There is also a nice view of St Mary’s Church. A ticket to the tower costs 5 PLN

Prison Tower – Museum of Amber

At the top of the museum, which I recommend visiting regardless of the viewpoint, there is a room with a nice view to Golden Gate and Dluga Street. It’s not the most comfortable viewpoint, as you need to lurk through small windows, but still, the perspective is totally different. The ticket to the museum costs 12PLN  + 5 PLN to visit the viewpoint

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St Catherine’s Church – Clock Tower’s Museum

50 metres above the ground, in the tower of St Catherine’s church, there is a small viewpoint. There’s a great view to the Old Town, with the former Dominican Cloister close to the church. The ticket price is 10 PLN.

Archeological Museum

Viewpoints in Gdansk - Archeological Mmuseum Tower
Gdansk – Archeological Museum Tower

It’s not the highest viewpoint in Gdansk, but that one is closest to the Motlava river, in one of the most beautiful streets – Mariacka Street. It offers the best view of the river – including Soldek ship – and towards St Mary’s church. The ticket to the museum costs 8 PLN + 5 PLN for the tower.

Amber Sky Gdansk

Viewpoints in Gdansk - Amber Sky Gdansk
Gdansk – Amber Sky Viewpoint

London has the London Eye and Gdansk has Amber Sky. It is the newest, and the most expensive viewpoint in Gdansk. It was first run in 2014 and became a great success. Gdansk’s Ferris wheel is 50 meters high, and the whole turn lasts about 15 minutes. It is located on Granary Island and provides a good view of Motlawa River and Main City.

Amber Sky Gdansk ticket price is 35 PLN.

Viewpoints in Gdansk outside the city centre

Gradowa Hill

Gradowa Hill can be seen from many places in Gdansk, and definitely from all the other viewpoints in Gdansk – this is the hill with Millennium Cross on it. It’s a bit outside the centre, but worth visiting, as you can see the whole old Gdansk from there and many, many more. To get there, you should take a path going up from the Main Bus Terminal. Passing by old military fortifications will lead you to the top of the hill. It’s accessible all the time, though if you plan to go there after sunset, take a flashlight with you.

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Old Fortifications in Dolne Miasto

Dolne Miasto is becoming more and more popular recently, due to the latest renovation works and the Feta festival, which takes place here every year in July. There are some old fortifications here, including Bastion Zubr and St Gertruda’s Bastion. They can be climbed to see the Motlava river and the old moat that complemented the fortifications.

Pacholek Hill in Oliwa

Viewpoints in Gdansk - Oliwa Viewpoint Tower Pacholek
Gdansk – Oliwa Viewpoint Tower Pacholek

If you go to see Oliwa park and Cathedral or Oliwa Zoo, don’t miss the Pacholek Hill – if you want to see the green part of Gdansk, that is the place you should go. To get there, you should go east from Oliwa Park towards ZOO, and then take a steep path, that starts opposite to big Mill’s Pond. It’s about 5-10 minutes from here, but the walk can be tiring.

If you come here during the day, you’ll see Trojmiejski Landscape Park on one side, and Oliwa and residential zones on the other. The latter looks beautiful at night too, but you should remember to take a flashlight to get to the tower.

Viewpoints in Gdansk - View from Oliwa Tower Pacholek
Gdansk – View from Oliwa Tower Pacholek towards Oliva Business Centre

Kozacza Hill

This is the newest viewpoint in Gdansk, located in the south-eastern part of Gdansk, in the residential zone. I don’t recommend coming here unless you live nearby and want to see your neighbourhood from a different perspective.

Gdansk on a rainy day
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