Places to stay in Gdansk. Gdansk accommodation

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Places to stay in Gdansk

There are plenty of hotels in Gdansk, but we can’t recommend a specific one as we are locals, and thus we have never stayed in a hotel in our city. But if you still don’t know where to stay in Gdansk during your trip, we can give you advice on which district to choose and what to expect from every district. Contrary to what most people think, the city centre is not always the best choice. Here is a short guide to Gdansk accommodation.

Where to stay in Gdansk – which district to choose?

When it comes to places to stay, Gdansk has changed a lot during the past 20 years. Districts, that once were just blocks of flats or ruined houses, have been transformed into districts of newly built apartments available for short-term rental. So if you visited Gdansk then, forget about what you saw, and prepare to see plenty of opportunities to stay in Gdansk.

Places to stay in Gdansk City Centre

Hotels in Gdansk
Not all hotels in Gdansk fit well into city centre architecture

As you may expect, the choice of accommodation is the biggest in the city centre. Hotels in Gdansk city centre range from low cost to top-rated luxury hotels. You will find here also numerous cheap hostels and private apartments. The main advantage of this location is the short distance to the Old Town. The main disadvantage is the price and the buzz of the street at night, especially during St. Dominic’s Fair. Hotels tend to be equipped with air-conditioning so you may keep the windows closed, but in private apartments, it might be tempting to open windows on warm summer nights. Furthermore, parking areas are limited in the strict centre, so ask the host if he offers a car park. Otherwise, expect to pay a lot if you leave your car for the whole day at the public parking, You may read more on the parking rules in Gdansk here.

Gdansk Wrzeszcz

What you should expect here are mainly private apartments to rent. This is a noisy, commercial part of Gdansk, but prices might be lower here than in the city centre, especially in summer, when there are no students. This area is well-connected to the entire Tricity with the SKM train (10 minutes to Gdansk City Centre, 25 minutes to Gdynia) and the Airport (SKM train, buses). But you will need up to half an hour to get to the beach from here (Gdansk Brzezno Beach is the nearest one). If you are wondering where to stay in Gdansk Wrzeszcz – the most pleasant area to stay in is the recently renovated Wajdeloty Street.

Places for campers in Gdansk
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Gdansk Brzezno

Hotels in Gdansk Brzezno are limited to only one: (Hotel Lival), but there are numerous private apartments and pensions. This is the best area if you want to spend a lot of time on the beach (Brzezno beach is just behind the corner), but it takes time to get to other parts of Gdansk from here. Expect to pay a lot here during the summer holiday and prepare to book your stay well in advance. This area is very crowded on hot, summer days.

Gdansk Przymorze

Where to stay in Gdansk Przymorze? Don’t look for any hotels in Gdansk Przymorze. This district consists mostly of old, communist-era blocks of flats, including one of the longest buildings in Europe – Falowiec. But the area is relatively close to Brzezno Beach and Jelitkowo Beach, and very close to Ronald Reagan Park – the big green area between Przymorze and the sea. Just as in Brzezno – prices hike during the summer holiday and the availability in this period is low.

Accommodation in Gdansk - Falowiec in Gdansk Przymorze
Places to stay in Gdansk – Falowiec in Gdansk Przymorze

If you are wondering how to pronounce the name of this district, read our article on Gdansk pronunciation.

Camping in Gdansk
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Where to stay in Gdansk Oliwa

Gdansk Oliwa is the best location if you like calm surroundings or come to Gdansk with children. Oliwa Park in the centre of the district and Trojmiejski Park Krajobrazowy around are the best salvation on a hot summer day. The other attraction is the great Oliwa Zoo, which is just a few bus stops away. But if you want to the beach or city centre you can easily do that, as Oliwa is well-connected with other districts. There are only three hotels here, including one of the best-situated hotels in Gdansk: Dwor Oliwski, and the rest are private apartments.

Hotels in Gdansk - Dwor Oliwski in Gdansk Oliwa
Hotels in Gdansk – Dwor Oliwski in Gdansk Oliwa

Gdansk Jelitkowo

This is the best location to stay on Jelitkowo Beach which is just a few metres away. There are a couple of hotels here and many apartments, as well as one camping site on the border with Sopot. There are buses to Sopot from here and trams to Gdansk Oliwa and further.

Gdansk Stogi

This is the closest area to Gdansk Stogi Beach, but still, you’ll need a short tram trip to get to the beach. This is an old district, and most apartments are located in old blocks of flats. There are also two camping sites close to the beach, where you can go with your tent or camper. Except for the beach, Stogi is not a popular tourist area, so don’t expect many attractions here. But Gdansk City Centre is only 20 minutes away with a tram.

Accommodation in Gdansk - Camping 218 in Gdansk Stogi
Gdansk accommodation – Camping 218 in Gdansk Stogi

Where to look for the best accommodation in Gdansk?

Hotels in Gdansk on website

It’s better to make a reservation in advance, especially in the summer when everything is packed. We recommend a popular website, to look for hotels in Gdansk. You can easily find a suitable place for you there and make a safe payment.

Camping in Gdansk
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If you prefer to rent an apartment or a room, you might be interested in platform. It’s a good idea when you’re travelling with more people to share the cost of the apartment. Just be careful about additional charges like guest and cleaning fees.

It’s a platform where you can find local hosts and sleep at their houses. This is for free but don’t treat it like a free hotel. It’s something more. It’s about meeting new people, sharing culture and your experiences. If you like the idea, you can try to find a host. We use it many times during our travels, and we hosted many people here in Gdansk. It was always a wonderful experience, every time unique.

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