Gdansk Tourist Card

What is Gdansk Tourist Card?

Like most tourist destinations in Europe, Gdansk has developed a tourist card with the intention to ease the sightseeing in the city. You may consider buying Gdansk Tourist Card regardless of the purpose of your visit, as it comes in four versions to suit various needs. All of them offer a range of discounts, are valid 24-72 hours and may be upgraded with a metropolitan ticket.

Where to buy Gdansk Tourist Card

Gdansk Tourist Card may be obtained at the Airport at the Information Desk or in three Tourist Information Offices in the city centre (the most convenient are at those in Wyzynna Gate and in Dlugi Targ). You may also order the Card on the Internet and collect it on arrival at the tourist office in Gdansk.

Which Package of Gdansk Tourist Card should I choose?

Gdansk Tourist Card comes in four packages:

Sightseeing Package

This package concentrates on sightseeing and offers free entry to 22 places. Those are not only museums but also ZOO and Hevelianum Centre – good places to go to when you’re visiting Gdansk with children. If you are considering buying a Gdansk Tourist Card, we think this is the best option to choose.

Family Fun Package

This version was designed to suit families coming to Gdansk with children. The free entries offered with this card were chosen to make sure that the children won’t get bored in Gdansk.

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Transportation Package

This is actually a metropolitan ticket upgraded with free entry to two museums and discounts to six more sights.

Comparison of Gdansk Tourist Card Packages

Below we prepared a comparison of all available packages to make it easier for you to choose the best one. Every year the choice of sights changes, so it’s worth checking before you buy it.

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Each of the packages also offers discounts to several bars and restaurants in the city centre. You will find all the discounts in the brochure that goes with the Gdansk Tourist Card.



  1. david

    Hi Guys
    Thanks for the information as I will visit next May with my wife from Perth Western Australia.
    I am a teacher and my wife is a midwife who are on leave and will spend about 20 days going through Poland.
    We will have 6 days in Gdansk and have accomodation .
    The sightseeing card looks good We also plan to visit the wolfs lair, stuthoff camp and mallbork castle . We have access to push bikes and may use them to visit sopot and gdynia
    Do any of the banks exchange australian dollars for zloty?
    Thanks Hoppy

  2. admin

    Hi David
    They usually update the packages every year, so check out what changes they make next year before you buy it.
    Bank probably exchange AUD for zloty, and currency exchange do it for sure – but spread will be higher than for USD or EUR. I would consider withdrawing money from ATM (depending on your bank’s rate), using Revolut Card or just bringing USD.

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