Where to park a car in Gdansk

Where to park a car in Gdansk

Although we recommend that you use public transport or Gdansk public bike system while moving around Gdansk, sometimes one just to need to use his own car. If so, you need to know where to park a car in Gdansk and how much parking in Gdansk costs.

Parking Zone in Gdansk

The parking zone in Gdansk covers most of the touristic areas. This includes the Main Town, the Old Town but also Oliwa and Wrzeszcz. Having parked in that area, you are supposed to pay for leaving your car there. Look for the nearby parking machine, where you can pay with cash (PLN only) or card. The rate is 3,3 PLN for the first hour, 3,9 PLN for the second, 4,6 PLN for the third hour and then again 3,3 PLN/hour. You only need to pay Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 17.00, except for Glowne Miasto (EG parking zone), where you need to pay Monday to Friday between 9 and 20.00.

If you pay by cash, you just need to put in the amount for the desired time. When you pay with the card, you first need to set the time you want to leave your car for. Then pay by touching or inserting your card. When you receive the ticket, you need to put it inside your car in a visible place. Failing to do so, or failing to renew your ticket if you overstay, may result in obtaining a fine. It might be around 100 PLN which you need to pay in the city guards’ office.

Left luggage office and lockers in Gdansk
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Don’t try to leave your car where it’s forbidden or on the pavement, as city guards are very efficient in finding those cars. They will give you a fine, and they may also block your car – to unblock it you need to pay a visit to the city guards office and pay a fine there.

Other paid car parks in Gdansk

Except for the Parking Zone, there are also some short-time parking in Gdansk. The biggest one is located in the Forum Shopping Mall. It is free for the first hour, but then you need to pay. The rate is 3 PLN for the second and third hour, then 4 PLN for the fourth and fifth hour and 8 PLN for each following hour.

There are also some parking places close to Supermarkets (Lidl, Biedronka). Those are dedicated to clients and usually, the first hour is free, but then the price for the next hours is very high.

Free parking in Gdansk

Outside the city centre, there are some places where you might park your car for free. One of them is Dlugie Ogrody, where you may be almost 100% sure that you’ll find a place to leave your car.


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