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This article is related to parking in Gdansk city centre. If you are looking for information about Gdansk airport parking, read this article or go straight here. After reading this article you’ll know the rates in all parking zones in Gdansk and the hours during which you need to pay. We will also provide some info about free and cheap parking areas in Gdansk.

Where to park a car in Gdansk

Although we recommend that you use public transport or the Gdansk public bike system while moving around Gdansk, sometimes one just needs to use his car. If so, you need to know where to park a car in Gdansk and how much parking in Gdansk costs.

Gdansk parking regulations

Gdansk city centre is covered by two parking zones: red and blue. There is also another parking zone – green, but it is out of the tourist area. If you leave your car in the parking zone, you need to enter the plate number in the parking machine. If you pay with cash, you just need to put in the amount for the desired time. When you pay with the card, you first need to set the time you want to leave your car. Then pay by touching or inserting your card. When you receive the ticket, you don’t need to put it inside your – just keep it as proof.

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Failing to pay for parking, or renew your ticket if you overstay, may result in obtaining a fine. It might be 200 PLN or 130 if you pay within 14 days. As you will see, in terms of parking Gdansk has introduced a high charging rates policy. This is another way of deterring cars from flooding the city centre as well as a way to collect the money needed to fill the budget gap.

Gdansk parking zones map

Gdansk parking zones
Gdansk parking zones (source:

Red Parking Zone in Gdansk covers most of the city centre, including Dlugie Ogrody Street, where parking was free for a long time. In this area, you need to pay for parking every day from 9 am to 8 pm. The rates are significantly higher than before, as now the first hour costs 5,5 PLN, the second hour 6,6 PLN, the third 7,9 PLN, and every following hour costs 5,5 PLN.

Blue Zone covers the area north of the city centre, more or less between the European Solidarity Centre and the Second World War museum, Wrzeszcz district and Jelitkowo. Here the first hour costs 3,9 PLN, the second hour 4,6 PLN, the third 5,5 PLN, and every following hour costs 3,9 PLN. You only need to pay here Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (on public holidays it’s free).

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There is also Green Parking Zone, but it’s outside the city centre. However, it covers most of the Oliwa district, so if you plan to go there, be prepared to pay. The rates are like in Blue Zone, but you only need to pay 9 am to 3 pm.

Payment options

There are several ways of paying for parking in Gdansk.

Parking Machine

It is also called “Parkometr”, and it is the most common way of paying. In most cases, it accepts both cash and cards. Each machine has information about the parking zone and hours during which you are required to pay.

Gdansk Parking Machine
Mobile applications

Each parking machine has also information about other ways of payment, and the zone you need to choose in that application (in this case zone GDA E in the picture below). Paying through the App is more convenient, as you may either set the time or just use the Start/Stop option. The Apps work in most cities in Poland, so you can just install one of them

Don’t try to leave your car where it’s forbidden or on the pavement. City guards are very efficient in finding those cars. They will give you a fine, and they may also block your car. To unblock it you need to pay a visit to the city guards’ office and pay a fine there.

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Gdansk. Parking resulted in blocked car
Gdansk. Parking resulted in a blocked car

Other paid car parks in Gdansk

Except for the Gdansk Parking Zones, you may also look for other short-time parking. Gdansk Old Town has a couple of possibilities. The cheapest option is to park a car in Gdansk Forum Shopping Mall. Here the first 10 minutes are free, then you need to pay 4 PLN for the next 50 minutes, 6 PLN for the second and third hour and then 5 PLN for every hour. However, they will probably change rates soon so check their website for any updates.

There are also some parking places close to Supermarkets (Lidl, Biedronka). Those are dedicated to clients and usually, the first hour is free, but then the price for the next hours is very high.

Free Parking Gdansk

As Gdansk Parking Zones now cover a much bigger area, it will be harder to find free parking in Gdansk. But there are still some places where you may look for a free parking slot.

Temporarily free parking in Gdansk – very close to the Old Town

The great news this year is, that the city has built new parking close to the city centre, but until now hasn’t equipped it with parking meters. This means it is officially free to park there. It is located opposite Gdansk Srodmiescie train station, and, to be specific, here.

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Other free parking places in Gdansk

One place where you may look for free parking in Gdansk is a car park at 3 Maja Street, opposite Forum Shopping Mall, next to Santander Bank. Its capacity is about 60-70 cars, but during the day it’s usually full. But after 4-5 pm, you have a chance of leaving your car here. You could also try the area south of Podwale Przedmiejskie Street – but as now it is a parking zone too (though you don’t need to pay here) you may only park the car in the marked areas. There are also some parking slots along Kartuska Street, but it is a bit far and you may need to take a tram or bus from here.

Small free parking in Gdansk city centre, opposite the Forum Shopping mall
Small free parking in Gdansk city centre, opposite the Forum Shopping mall

If you want to avoid parking fees, it seems that the best way is to use public transport.

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