Top things to do in Gdansk for free

Although Gdansk is not the most expensive city in the world, it’s always good to know that if you’re on a really tight budget, there are things to do in Gdansk for free. Here is our choice:

1. Main and old city

It’s not a surprise, that in over 1000 year’s old Gdańsk, the most beautiful things can be found in the streets. Taking a stroll along Dluga Street and then Dlugi Targ will give you best opportunity to see the highlights of Gdansk. Turning left at Motlawa river, and then entering Mariacka Gate, you’ll get to the most beautiful street in Gdansk. Enjoy it!

Gdansk - Motlawa River Bank
Gdansk – Motlawa River Bank

2. Gradowa hill

There are a couple of places to see Gdansk from above, but only a few that you don’t need to pay for. One of them if Gradowa Hill, with it’s Millenium Crucifix. From here, you can see the whole main and old city, the shipyard, and many, many more. From here you can also take a stroll through old military fortifications. Some areas are restricted, as there is Hevelianum Centre here, but still, you can feel as Napoleon observing the town from the hill.

3. Second World War museum

If you happen to be in Gdansk on Tuesday, make sure you make your free reservation to see the Second World War Museum. After all, it’s Gdansk where the Second World War started. The new and modern exhibition should keep you busy for at least three hours.

Gdansk - Second World War Museum
Gdansk – Second World War Museum

4. National Museum in Gdansk

Although it’s not Museo del Prado, still it houses a nice collection of paintings, old china, jewellery and medieval art. You can visit the National Museum in Gdansk for free on Friday, so you can see the famous Last Judgement by Hans Memling without spending a pence.

5. Beach

All the beaches are free to enter, so you just need to choose to which one you want to go on a sunny day. The closest to the city centre is Stogi Beach, with its unofficial nudist part at the eastern end.

Brzezno Beach.
Brzezno Beach

6. Oliwa Park and Pacholek hill

Both located in Gdansk Oliwa. The park once was owned by the nearby cloister, now it’s the most popular municipal park in Gdansk. The mix of water and plants and the Whisper Grotto will let you relax on a sunny summer day. From the nearby Pacholek hill – once you climb the observation tower – you can see the city, as well as Trojmiejski Park Krajobrazowy.

Gdansk - View from Oliwa Tower Pacholek
Gdansk – View from Oliwa Tower Pacholek

7. Feta festival

Held every year in July, Feta – Street and open-air Theaters festival attracts thousands of spectators each year to come to Dolne Miasto to applaud theaters from all over Europe. During four days there are about 30 performances presented, with the most stunning kept for Sunday evening. You can’t miss it. This is the most popular festival in Gdansk for free.

8. Jarmark Dominikanski (St. Dominic’s Fair)

This three-weeks street fair makes as many tourists come to Gdansk, as citizens leave the town. The streets are full of stalls and people, and the parties last until early morning. You can buy here everything. From jewellery to old helmets. Except for shopping, there is also lots of local food and free concerts or performances.

9. Museum’s night

Each year for one Saturday the entrance to many of Gdansk’s museums is free or costs only 1 PLN. I don’t recommend going to popular museums, as the time you spend in a queue is not worth the saving. You’ll queue for a couple of hours, and then see nothing. But there are less popular museums with almost no waiting time, so I advise to choose those.

10. Murals Gdansk Zaspa

It’s a collection of murals painted on the walls of blocks of flats in one of Gdansk districts- Zaspa. It’s a unique open-air gallery which you can visit on your own or with a guided tour – both are totally for free!

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