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Wroclaw Airport to city centre by bus and taxi

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Getting from Wroclaw Airport to city centre

Unfortunately, there is no train station close to the airport, so to get from Wroclaw Airport to city centre you need to rely on buses, taxis or transfer service. If you decide to go by taxi, it will be a bit cheaper if you register with FreeNow – official taxi that works similar to Uber and Bolt. If you download the FreeNow App and register with discount code 8h76hr0jk you will receive a voucher for 20 PLN (about 5 EUR).

Alternatively, you may use Uber or Bolt – their price depends on the actual demand, but the ride from Wroclaw Airport to city centre will usually be cheaper than regular taxis.

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Wroclaw Airport to city centre by bus during the day

Wroclaw Nicolaus Copernicus Airport is located about 10 km west of the city centre. To get from Wroclaw Airport to city centre by public transport, the best way is to get on 106 bus departing from the airport bus stop (turn right after leaving the terminal) at least every 15 minutes (direction “Dworcowa“). It goes close to the city centre, and you should get off at the Renoma bus stop. From here, you may either walk about 10 minutes or take any tram going to the centre (6,7,20). Getting from Wroclaw airport to city centre with the bus should take about 45 minutes. You should buy one 60 minutes ticket (4,4 PLN). However, if you plan to stay in Wroclaw, read our article on public transport in Wroclaw to find out whether there are ticket options that better suit your needs.

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The first 106 bus leaves the airport at 5.14 am ant the last one at 11.29 pm.

If you want to get from the airport directly to the train station, just stay on the 106 bus one more bus stop and walk, or stay on the bus 3 more stops until it reaches the main train station in Wroclaw (Wroclaw Glowny). The main bus station is also nearby, too.


Getting from Wroclaw Airport to city centre by bus

Getting from Wroclaw Airport to city centre by bus


By bus at night

If you land in Wroclaw at night and you miss the last 106 bus, there are several 206 buses that will take you to from Wroclaw Airport to city centre on the way to the main bus station (direction Dworzec Autobusowy – that’s the Polish name for bus station). For the night bus, you should buy one 30 minutes ticket. There is also an Airport shuttle bus running from Wroclaw airport to city center (read about it below).

You may find schedules of the buses going from Wroclaw Airport to city centre here: bus 106, night bus 206. “Dni robocze” means working days, “Sobota” means Saturday and “Niedziela” means Sunday in Polish.

By taxi>

Taxi fare from Wroclaw Airport to city centre should be about 55-65 PLN if you take one of the taxi companies recommended by the airport (Partner Taxi, Taxi_plus). Other taxis booked by phone or internet (EkoTaxi, Uber, FreeNow, Bolt) should be a bit cheaper, but the exact price depends on the demand, so if there are more planes landing at the same time, it might be better to wait for a while before ordering a car.

Wroclaw airport to city centre by shuttle bus

There is also a dedicated blue Airport shuttle bus going to Wroclaw train and bus station, calling at the city centre. The ticket for Wroclaw Airport Express costs 10 PLN, and the trip to the train station takes about 30 minutes. You may find the schedule of the bus here, and you may book the ticket for your trip from Wroclaw Airport to city centre or the other way here.

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By transfer

There are several companies that offer transfer from Wroclaw airport to the city centre, for example, Airport Taxi Wroclaw or Airport Wroclaw Transfer. Prices are a bit higher than a regular taxi, so expect to pay at least 70-80 PLN per transfer car. It’s also worth checking if your airline has a dedicated bus service.

Getting from Wroclaw city centre to the airport

It is just as easy, as getting from the airport to the city centre. Just take 106 bus (during the day) or 206 bus (at night) in direction “Port Lotniczy” from around Wroclaw train station or Renoma bus stop. It should take about 45 minutes, and you need one 60 minutes ticket (4,4 PLN).

Staying around Wroclaw Airport


Wroclaw Airport

Wroclaw Airport is quite modern, but small

If you land late in the evening or need to be at the airport early in the morning,  instead of going from Wroclaw airport to city centre, you might want to stay around the airport. Unfortunately, the nearest hotel, Hotel Kosmonauty is still some way from the airport, and you need to arrange a transfer or take a taxi to get there. Also, there is only one restaurant in the walking distance if you want to eat close to the airport. Unfortunately, this restaurant is very expensive, and actually it will be cheaper for you to dine at the airport. The closest supermarket (u Mirka) is about 1,5 km away (might be about 1km, if the small gate in the airport fence is open and you take the small path near the cargo terminal). The airport itself is modern, but quite small, so don’t count on the duty-free shops, as there are not a lot of them at the terminal.

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