Getting from Warsaw Airport to city centre

Getting from Warsaw Airport to city centre

There are two airports that might be considered Warsaw Airports: Chopin Airport in Warsaw (WAW), and Warsaw Modlin Airport (MNI), with the first being within the city borders, and the latter being located about 40 km north-west of Warsaw. In this article, we will give you information on how to get from both of the airports to the city centre.

Getting from Warsaw Chopin Airport to city centre

Warsaw Chopin Airport is located in the south-western part of the city. It is conveniently connected with Warsaw city centre by public transport. You can get to the city centre by bus or train, and then continue to your destination with other means of transport. Public transport is the cheapest and fastest way of getting to or from the airport – no additional ticket is required – just a regular one. Much more expensive – and not always faster – is getting out of Warsaw Chopin Airport by taxi or airport transfer service.

By Train

The train is the fastest and most reliable way of getting from Warsaw Airport to city centre (Warszawa Centralna or Warszawa Srodmiecie train stations). There are three train lines running from the airport: S2, S3 and RL. Although trains are run by different companies, ZTM tickets (including 20, 75 and 90 minutes tickets) are valid for all trains on the route from the airport to Warszawa Wschodnia and Warszawa Pludy – depending on your destination). You will find ticket vending machines on your way to the platform. The journey lasts 20-30 minutes, depending on the train, so it is better to have 70 minutes ticket. You need to validate the ticket on board.

Public transport in Wroclaw
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To find the Airport Train Station, just follow the signs in the arrivals hall. The last train leaves the airport at 11.25 pm. Later you need to rely on night buses until 5.39 am.

By bus during the day

There is a direct bus from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Warsaw City centre and further towards the old town. It leaves from bus stops located in front of the arrivals terminal – just follow the signs.

The number of the line is 175 – direction “Pl. Pilsudskiego” – it leaves the airport every 10-15 minutes on weekdays, and every 15-20 minutes on Saturdays, Sundays and public holiday. The journey lasts about 25 minutes if there is no traffic, but expect it to be longer in the morning and afternoon. 75 minutes ticket (4,40 PLN) is enough, but if you plan to use public transport on that day, consider buying a 24-hour ticket (15 PLN).  If you buy tickets from the machine, remember to validate it on-board.

Bus 175 from Warsaw Chopin Airport to city centre
Bus 175 from Warsaw Chopin Airport to city centre

If instead of leaving the bus in the city centre you go further, to Pl. Pilsudskiego, you will be within walking distance to the old town.

By bus at night

If you land in Warsaw at night and miss the last train, there is a night bus N32 going to the city centre. The journey to city centre lasts about 25 minutes. If you want to go to the old town, stay on the N32 bus until bus stop “Metro Swietokrzyska” and there change to N44 bus (direction Metro Mlociny or Zajezdnia Zoliborz). You should leave the N44 bus at the bus stop “Plac zamkowy”

Taxi Warsaw Chopin Airport to the city centre

Personally, I wouldn’t take a taxi from Gdansk airport, as the price is much higher than public transport. But if your plane lands at night, this might be the only available option. The airport recommends three corporations: Ele Taxi, iTaxi and MPT Taxi. Expected price should be about 40 PLN, but always make sure to check the price list and ask the driver to turn on the meter. Do not use other corporations, unless you are able to set the price before getting in (like in FreeNow, Uber or Bolt) and avoid non-corporate taxi – most frauds that occur are related to those that are private ones.

Getting from Warsaw Modlin Airport to city centre

Warsaw Modlin Airport is located about 6 kilometres from Modlin city centre and Modlin Train station. There are three ways of getting from Modlin Airport to Warsaw.

Wroclaw Airport to city centre by bus and taxi
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By train

To get to Modlin train station, first you need to board Koleje Mazowieckie bus, that leaves every 15-20 minutes from the terminal. From Modlin train station there are frequent (every 15-20 minutes) trains to Warsaw. The last trains departures at 0:28. Ticket for the bus costs 6 PLN, and for the trains 13,8 PLN, but you may buy “Bilet lotniskowy” for the fixed price 19 PLN.

By bus

Modlinbus operates buses that leave the airport every 30-60 minutes during the day. They will bring you close to the central train station in Warsaw. The ticket price starts from 9 PLN if you buy in advance on their website, up to 35 PLN if you buy it from the driver – but you risk that there will be no tickets available. The duration of the ride is 55 minutes if there is no traffic. ModlinBus tickets are also offered by Terravision – buses are exactly the same, but the ticket price is always 9 EUR, no matter how you buy it. In both cases, if your plane is delayed, the bus ticket is valid for other buses that leave on the same day, provided there are seats available.

By Taxi

Getting from Warsaw Modlin Airport to Warsaw City centre by taxi is very expensive compared to trains and buses. Although it might cost about 100 PLN, if you arrange the taxi in advance, when you want to pick up one at the airport, expect to pay 150-200 PLN. Modlin Airport recommends two corporations: Sawa Taxi and Modlin-Taxi. It might be difficult to order Uber or Freenow from Modlin Airport to Warsaw.

Buses in Poland
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Transfer between Warsaw Modlin Airport and Warsaw Chopin Airport

If you need to transfer between Warsaw Modlin Airport and Warsaw Chopin Airport, the best option is to go by train. First, you need to get to Modlin trains station (Koleje Mazowieckie bus is the best option), and then board the train to Warsaw Chopin Airport. It leaves more or less every hour, and the ticket for the whole transfer starts from 19 PLN (Bilet Lotniskowy). The whole transfer should take you more or less 90 minutes.

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