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Coronavirus in Warsaw

by Maciek

Coronavirus in Warsaw

It makes no sense counting cases of coronavirus in Poland any more, as numbers rise every hour. But to keep you updated with the current situation here…

Today Polish government introduced new restrictions, that hopefully will help us stop coronavirus in Poland. The restrictions are quite severe, and  you may be fined up to 5000 PLN (a bit more than 1 000 EUR) unless you follow them.

So, starting from today until 11th of March it’s not allowed to leave home unless:

  • you are commuting to work or back
  • you are volunteer fighting against coronavirus in Poland,
  • it is necessary for other reasons (grocery, pharmacy, walking the dog etc)
  • participating in religious events (funeral, mass – but only up to 5 people may participate at the same time)

It is also forbidden to walk/drive in a group of more than 2 people unless you are family. Public transport is working, but the capacity of trams, buses and trains is limited to half of the number of seats on board. We don’t know who and how is going to control that.

Public transport in Krakow
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[Updated info on coronavirus in Warsaw – 17th of March 2020]

Everything is still closed, nothing changes but the numbers. Current data on coronavirus in Warsaw and surroundings: we have 38 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Over 200 people are in hospitals, and almost 5500 are supervised.

[Updated info on coronavirus in Warsaw – 13th of March 2020]

Breaking News: Since the night 14/15 of March:

The government introduced border controls in Poland!

Poland is closed for foreigners.

All international flights will be cancelled

We have so far 11 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Warsaw and surroundings. 112 people are in hospitals and 378 are isolated for safety reasons. 3 898 people are being supervised.

Suntago Water Park in Wrecza is closed. All the restaurants will be closed soon. Shopping malls will be closed soon, too.

[Updated 12th of March 2020]

No good news about coronavirus in Warsaw. The stats have worsened since yesterday (see below)

[Updated 11th of March 2020]

Today everything changed. State and local authorities decided to close almost all cultural places. All the cinemas, theatres and museum in Warsaw are closed. Schools are closed, which causes great problems for their parents and their employers. Suntago Aquapark in Wrecza is working, but it seems that it will be closed soon as well.

Public transport in Warsaw
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Public transport is working as usual.

[Updated 12th of March 2020]

In Warsaw, we have so far 6 confirmed coronavirus cases. 75 people are in hospitals and 229 are isolated for safety reasons. 3 033 people are being supervised.

Public transport works as usual, but many flights from Warsaw Airport were cancelled – mainly to China, Italy or Israel. There are also some safety precautions at the airport so it’s better to reserve more time if you come to Warsaw or leave Warsaw in that way. On arrival, you will receive the Public Health Passenger Locator Form, where you need to put your personal data and your address in Poland.

But what to do if you are currently in Warsaw and suspect that you might be infected with coronavirus?

Coronavirus symptoms

Coronavirus symptoms (Source: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/symptoms.html)

First of all, don’t panic! Until now, we have more problems with the flu than with coronavirus in Poland. If you came from any of the endangered countries or had contact with someone who has recently been there, and have symptoms like fever, cough breathlessness, muscle pain or fatigue – call the free informational number: 800 190 590. Then, hope for someone who speaks English to pick up the phone. They should tell you what to do. If after the call you still feel unsafe, or your health has deteriorated, you should go straight to the hospital that deals with coronavirus. Do not go to an ordinary doctor or hospital! There are four hospitals designated to deal with coronavirus in Warsaw:

  • Wojewódzki Szpital Zakaźny, Wolska Street 37
  • Wojskowy Instytut Medyczny, Szaserow Street 128
  • Centralny Szpital Kliniczny MSWiA, Woloska Street 13
  • Uniwersyteckie Centrum Kliniczne Warszawskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego, Address: Zwirki i Wigury Street 63A

You may find detailed information on coronavirus here

Buses in Poland
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