Best time to visit Poland

Best time to visit Poland

Generally, Poland has a continental climate with very cold winters and warm summers. Best time to visit Poland differs depending on what region of Poland you plan to visit, and what you plan to do. Unless you plan to ski somewhere in the Polish mountains, (there are some ski slopes around Gdansk, too), you should visit Poland between April and early November. Although it still might be freezing in the morning, the days are long enough and warm.

If you want to check typical weather in various cities in Poland, you should visit Weatherspark. Just type in the place you want to go to, and you will see a lot of information based on historical data. Looking for the weather forecast for the next 2-3 days, the best place to visit is Choose the UM Model and click on the map or choose the city from the list. The meteorograms may look strange at a glance, and you might need to learn how to read them. But once you learn how to read them, you will find it the most accurate weather forecast site in Poland.

Gdansk weather meteorogram by ICM in Poland
Gdansk weather meteorogram by ICM in Poland

Public holidays in Poland

What may influence your stay are public holidays. Those during spring or summer often turn into so-called “long weekends” – people take one or two days off to connect the public holiday to the weekend and travel. This mainly happens in May (1st and 3rd of May are public holidays), June (Corpus Christie), August (15th of August is a public holiday) and early November (1st and 11th of November are public holidays). This is not the best time to visit Poland, as most of the trains, buses and hotels will be crowded. Usually, you need to book accommodation usually months earlier, unless you want to overpay while booking at the last moment.

Getting from Poznan airport to city centre
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Also, remember that the summer holiday begins in late June and lasts until the end of August. Accommodation might be limited then so think about booking in advance. The winter holiday lasts 2 weeks but in every region it starts on a different date, so that winter resorts are not overcrowded. They are, anyway. It’s up to you to decide if this is the best time to visit Poland during the summer or winter holiday – even though the weather in this period is best.

Winter in Poland

What might be a problem during winter, is the pollution and smog – especially in Cracow, Warsaw and other big cities. Although cities try to do something about that (ban on coal stoves, limited car access to city centre, free public transport on some days) it is still a huge problem in Poland. So if you plan to have a city trip, winter is not the best time to come to Poland.

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