Stopover in Gdansk

Stopover in Gdansk

Although Gdansk Airport is not a big transport hub, there is still a chance that you might have a stopover in Gdansk. There is a free Wi-Fi at the airport that you may use to plan your further trip, but except for that Gdansk Airport doesn’t provide a lot of entertainment, and prices in airport shops and bars are significantly higher than outside the airport. Is it worth leaving the airport then? What are you able to do when you have only a couple of hours? Here’s what you can do when you have a stopover in Gdansk.

Stopover in Gdansk
Stopover in Gdansk

Remember, that times below don’t include the security (this is sometimes time-consuming) and baggage check-in. So depending on what you need to do at the airport before your flight, you should add some time for that. There is no left luggage office at the airport, so if you can’t check in your luggage early, you need to take it with you.

Also, remember that supermarkets and shopping malls in the city are closed on Sundays (except the last Sunday of the month).

Staying at the Gdansk Airport

No matter how much time you have, you may always stay at the airport or in a nearby hotel. There are two hotels within walking distance: Hampton by Hilton and Sleep&Fly Motel. Other hotels are a bit further and would need to arrange a transfer from the airport.

If you decide to stay at the airport, there are not a lot of things to do. There are some restaurants and duty-free shops, but mostly in the departure lounge. Except for that, there are no services that may keep you busy. There is a chapel (mess is celebrated on Sunday at 10 am), Post Office (Monday-Friday 12-16) and Tourist Information (Monday-Saturday 9-17, Sunday 9-14)

Left luggage office and lockers in Gdansk
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2 hours stopover in Gdansk – supermarket or duty free shops at the Gdansk Airport

Well, unfortunately, it is not a lot of time and the only thing you can do is going to the supermarket. There are two: Biedronka (open Monday-Thursday 7-21, Friday-Saturday 7-22, last Sunday of the month 9-20) and (Lidl, open 7-21.30, except Sundays). Both are about 4 km from the airport, and buses 110, 210 and 122 leave the airport in that direction every 10-15 minutes (direction Wrzeszcz PKP, Orunia Goscinna or Sopot Kamienny Potok SKM). You should get off the bus at the bus stop Agrarna (Biedronka) or Harfowa (Lidl) – the journey should last 10-15 minutes. The same buses go back to the airport just from the opposite side of the street. You need 2 one-ride tickets or 1 one-hour ticket, depending on how quick your shopping at the supermarket is.

If you need to buy a drink or some sweets and don’t want to leave the airport area, instead of going to the duty free shops you may want to go to the train station – there are self-service machines there, and prices are half of the prices in duty free shops. You don’t need to buy water at the Gdansk Airport – there is a water feeder in the departures lounge, after the security, next to the children’s area. The water is fresh and of good quality, but it is more convenient to have an empty bottle or cup than to drink straight from the water feeder.

4 hours stopover in Gdansk – restaurants and stores close to the airport

4 hours is not enough to get you much further. But it is enough time for short shopping – there is a big Shopping Centre (Park Handlowy Matarnia) very close to the Lidl supermarket. You will find there Ikea (there is Ikea restaurant inside), electronic stores, clothes stores, restaurants, cafes, pharmacy and many, many more. It’s open 10-21. Buses 110, 210 and 122 leave the airport in that direction every 10-15 minutes (direction Wrzeszcz PKP, Orunia Goscinna or Sopot Kamienny Potok SKM). You should get off the bus at the bus stop Harfowa, then walk a little back – you’ll see the shopping center to your left.

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6 hours stopover in Gdansk – shopping in Gdansk Wrzeszcz

With that time to spend, you may go to Gdansk Wrzeszcz – there are far more options there than in Matarnia Shopping Centre. Shopping Malls, restaurants, shops or even cinema – 6 time is enough to get there. The best way is to take the train from the airport (direction Gdansk Wrzeszcz or Gdansk Glowny). The journey lasts about 25 minutes.

More than 6 hours stopover in Gdansk – dinner in the city center

Well, that should be enough to visit the main town, sightsee a bit and have dinner. If you decide to go there, here are instructions on getting to and from Gdansk Airport to the city center.


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