Christmas Fair in Gdansk

Gdansk Christmas Fair

Although not as known as its counterpart in Berlin, Christmas Fair in Gdansk is getting more and more popular in recent years. It’s smaller and less crowded than Dominikanski Fair that takes place during summer, but still attracts citizens and tourists to the city centre. This year Christmas Fair starts on 1st of December and lasts for over three weeks. Contrary to Dominikanski Fair, which is spread all over the Main and Old Town, Christmas Fair is mainly concentrated around Targ Weglowy and Wyzynna Gate. Also New Year’s  Eve will be celebreted here. Newly constructed Forum joined the celebrations, too – so some of the events will take place between the Forum’s buildings.


Gdansk Christmas Fair - Stalls
Gdansk Christmas Fair – Stalls

Main attractions of the Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair will be packed with entertainment and craft. In the Grand Armoury, craftsmen will present their products. Those will include not only some local and Christmas ornaments but also products made of recycled materials and some considered to be slow fashioned. If you are still looking for a Christmas gift from Poland, it’s a good place to look for one.

Gdansk Christmas Fair - Slow Fashion and Recyclables Market
Gdansk Christmas Fair – Slow Fashion and Recyclables Market

Outside, you may expect lots of illuminations, and in the centre of the fair: Angels’ Mill. This is a wooden construction decorated with Angels and Saints, serving as beverage stall where you can try mulled wine. You may also buy a jug here – a small amount from each jug sold will help to maintain St. Nicolas church. Angels’ Mill is supposed to be turning around, but it won’t the only construction that will be turning around. The other one will be the carousel with the capacity of 78 people.

St Dominic's Fair in Gdansk
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Gdansk Christmas Fair - Angels Mill
Gdansk Christmas Fair – Angels Mill

Gdansk Christmas Fair will be started by Elfs’ Parade on 1st of December. Then other fairy figures will join: Santa Claus, Snow Queen and others. All of them children friendly and willing to pose, and the Moose Lucek even to speak and joke. Gdansk and its partners have also prepared workshops for children – those include – among others – preparing ornaments, singing and pottery.

Food court

But Christmas Fair is not only about shopping and entertainment. A food court will work from 1st December to 13th of January, where snacks from all over Europe may be tasted, including Spanish churros, Hungarian Langos and German Bratwurst. Of course, there will be some Polish and Kashubian food and drinks (hot wine!) as well, to warm you up in the cold evening.

Gdansk Christmas Fair - Food Court
Gdansk Christmas Fair – Food Court

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